Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The International Convergence Project Assignment

The International crossway Project - Assignment ExampleGlobalization has undoubtedly contributed to the economic growth in developed as well a developing countries through the principle of comparative advantage and increased specialization. With the benefits of globalization, the policy makers accommodate also recognized the need for uniform disclosures by firms engaged in multinational businesses. As news report system is a universal vocabulary for business, it becomes all the more important to set out sound and comparable bill principles to enable the capital providers, analysts and regulators to understand the health of business and make relevant decisions. Understanding this need the standard setters have come up with the world-wide crossroad project for uniform accounting standards. This project includes the discussion on need for uniform accounting standards in modern financial world. The benefits that accrue on behalf of sufferance of single accounting standard fra mework by majority of the countries have also been provided. Furthermore the empiric evidence post-IFRS adoption by European firms has been included. Lastly the current state of convergence project has been provided. ... accounting system standards play important role in regulation of global financial markets. This has made it important to build up a single set of high quality financial accounting standards. The function of financial accounting standards is to define the rules for national regulators and participants of capital markets such as banks and acceptation firms. A common accounting language can provide the investors greater confidence in transp atomic number 18ncy and comparability of financial statements. The global standards are seen as a key to safety of global financial arena. These standards are purported to be means of mitigating the irritability of capital flows across markets, reduction in probability of bankruptcies and reduce systemic risks. The foundation o f convergence bring was laid in early 2000s when in 2002 the two major standard setting bodies IASB and FASB formalized their perpetration in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to the convergence of IFRS and US GAAP under the Norwalk Agreement (Kieso, Weygandt & Warfield, 2010). The objectives of the convergence of standards were to achieve completeness and improve consistency, as historically both(prenominal) the accounting standards by IASB and FASB have been incomplete. As a result the two boards identified short-term and long-term projects that would eventually lead to convergence. Some short-term projects were borrowing costs and fair value accounting for financial instruments, issued in 2007 and since then uniformly followed by both the standard setters. Long-term projects included issues like the conceptual framework, leases and revenue recognition. Additionally European and US regulators have agreed to the recognition of each others accounting standards for firms listed on various world securities exchanges. The international

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