Monday, April 22, 2019

Introduction to people at work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Introduction to people at take - Essay ExampleAs such, there are factors in this aspect that focus mainly on extrinsic want, which is known to be related closely to intrinsic motivation. As a result, there is need to have attention compensable to the environment in which I work as an employee following this close-knit relationship, in which offering the pay tools for the origin to be done should serve as a motivator. This is in addition to presentation of a suitable environment such as lighting and ventilation as depicted by the Maslow power structure of needs to eliminate the need for certain things before one can graduate to the next take aim of productivity (Nader, n.d, p.4). As a result, tools and physical conditions would serve as ate best means of motivation following the need for a highly productive employee. This couples further with making the employer enjoy that which he does as per Taylors theory of motivation and this provide perfect motivation to enjoy work (Silver , n.d). In addition, other expectation lies with leadership and hierarchy, which studies have expressed concerns that strategic management is the best way to go when dealings with new employees and developing a company to success. As a result, the key expectation as per this depends on having positions of power and a distribution of authority throughout the organization such that there is not a single employee in the organization that cannot take responsibility. The implication of this is having a hierarchy of authority as c solelyed for amongst those that pleader strategic management, but based on more modern systems of interaction following the questionable nature of traditional strategic management and the role of these managers in the said era (Chakravarthy and Henderson, 2007, p.4). Employers that follow new well-tried means have more appeal that those who stick to traditional means following the image of dynamism that is depict for both employees and clients. This also s erves as a motivating factor, especially in the interactions between managers and employees, in which case I aspire to be a marketing manager, as there is immediate feedback and culture of corporate behaviour that is unique to the business model of the organization. Reward systems are also to be looked into keenly as it is this that works to motivate employees significantly coupled with conventional motivators such as meeting all their needs at work. This serves for remuneration and compensation for other works and duties fulfilled outside the normal job description, but for the benefit of the organization. The incentives provided for such performances outside of the normal job description are part of larger scheme to improve performance of workers in the organization, and personally as an employee, I am of the opinion that having a scheme such as this boosts individual performance. In addition, it is crucial for the image of the organization in that it pushes employees to work to wards the overall success of the organization and every employee wants to be part of a successful organization, and I am no exception. Other forms of rewards and of utmost importance include remuneration as it plays the role of pay for operate rendered, and an attractive pay is part of the package expected from future employers

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