Saturday, April 20, 2019

Communication class Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Communication class - Assignment ExampleIn the long run, such power produces dysfunctional behavior. The film The Lion King is replete with scenes that exhibit the practise of arrogant power. This is evident in the air Simba forcefully grabs the throne of Pride Lands and uses coercive power in his rule.Following the death of Musafa, Scar reconciles everywhere the throne of Pride Lands. Under his leadership, he exhibits a high degree of coercive power. For lesson, Zazu is confined to a bone cage singing while Scar lazily lies about chewing on castanets (Internet Movie Database).when Zazu complains of his predicament and mentions that he never experienced the same under Mufasa, Scar scolds him and reminds him that the justice requires them never to mention Mufasas name. Meanwhile, as Shenzi, Banzai and Ed complain about scarcity of food and water system as well as the refusal of lionesses to hunt, Scar solution to them is to eat Zulu. Thus, it is evident that coercive power re sults in an atmosphere of insecurity and fear.When Scar confronts and asks Sarabi why the lionesses had refused to hunt, Sarabi answers that the herds had opted to leave Pride Rock. She then compares him to Mufasa. This angers Scar, who cruelly hits Sarabi. This typifies the fact that coercive power reduces peoples satisfaction with their jobs and therefore leads to lack of commitment and general withdrawal.Another instance where coercive power is manifested in the movie is the scene of Simbas arrives in the Pride Land to take his rightful throne. On his arrival, Simba confronts Scar, and demands that he steps down from the throne or fight. The use of the threat of madness clearly depicts the use of coercive power. Even so, Scar retreats back by prompting Simba to confess who was trusty for Mufasas death (Internet Movie Database). In this regard, Simba confessed that he was responsible for Mufasas death, though it was accidental.This prompts Mufasa to use coercive power so as to m aintain the throne. Thus, he accuses

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