Saturday, April 27, 2019

Juvenile Delinquency Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Juvenile Delinquency - Essay ExampleThose who leave behind walk in the altogetheriance of wise will continually be wiser unlike those who seek the counsel of fools. It records that those who seek the latter counsels after suffers from unnecessary harm and afflictions. However, the counsel of just friends only brings happiness, success and blessings to a young mans life.The book instructs stern warnings against youths who befriend individuals with unjust lifestyles. It advices that youth should non seek heed of the enticements of sinners who persuasively desires to inscribe them to immoral and unaccepted actions.Young men are advised to relate wisely with charming women. They should exclude of wicked women who may lead them to a regrettable life. Such women should not entice or wangle them. Parents should at all times appeal and remind their countersigns of the instructions of the book of proverbs. They should faithfully teach their children the just ways of God even to be fa ithful to it. That their sons will not ignore these proverbs counsels in their youths lifestyle. As their children approach their youths life, they become independent in their decisions. Its therefore the Wright counsel that will help them make acceptable decisions and escape the wrath of sin. Parents should therefore instill these instructions to their teenagers at all times even if they tend to rebel.The father should strive to ensure that his son does not give into the control of erroneous mentality of a youthful age. He urges his son to follow the ways of God at all times and avoid the misery of falling in the hands of adulterous women and crime. The path of the son has to be straight as this will deliver him from perversity of evil and walking in darkness.A father should at all times speak of the future life to his son. He must not tell his son of the days of his youth but rather the coming days of his sons youth. The son will be in a better position and the upright mind to e nsconce correctly

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