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The International Convergence Project Assignment

The International crossway Project - Assignment ExampleGlobalization has undoubtedly contributed to the economic growth in developed as well a developing countries through the principle of comparative advantage and increased specialization. With the benefits of globalization, the policy makers accommodate also recognized the need for uniform disclosures by firms engaged in multinational businesses. As news report system is a universal vocabulary for business, it becomes all the more important to set out sound and comparable bill principles to enable the capital providers, analysts and regulators to understand the health of business and make relevant decisions. Understanding this need the standard setters have come up with the world-wide crossroad project for uniform accounting standards. This project includes the discussion on need for uniform accounting standards in modern financial world. The benefits that accrue on behalf of sufferance of single accounting standard fra mework by majority of the countries have also been provided. Furthermore the empiric evidence post-IFRS adoption by European firms has been included. Lastly the current state of convergence project has been provided. ... accounting system standards play important role in regulation of global financial markets. This has made it important to build up a single set of high quality financial accounting standards. The function of financial accounting standards is to define the rules for national regulators and participants of capital markets such as banks and acceptation firms. A common accounting language can provide the investors greater confidence in transp atomic number 18ncy and comparability of financial statements. The global standards are seen as a key to safety of global financial arena. These standards are purported to be means of mitigating the irritability of capital flows across markets, reduction in probability of bankruptcies and reduce systemic risks. The foundation o f convergence bring was laid in early 2000s when in 2002 the two major standard setting bodies IASB and FASB formalized their perpetration in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to the convergence of IFRS and US GAAP under the Norwalk Agreement (Kieso, Weygandt & Warfield, 2010). The objectives of the convergence of standards were to achieve completeness and improve consistency, as historically both(prenominal) the accounting standards by IASB and FASB have been incomplete. As a result the two boards identified short-term and long-term projects that would eventually lead to convergence. Some short-term projects were borrowing costs and fair value accounting for financial instruments, issued in 2007 and since then uniformly followed by both the standard setters. Long-term projects included issues like the conceptual framework, leases and revenue recognition. Additionally European and US regulators have agreed to the recognition of each others accounting standards for firms listed on various world securities exchanges. The international

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Domestic Terror in the United States Term Paper

Domestic Terror in the unite States - Term Paper Exampleive of excessive force, there must be pressure applied to others in society or government or otherwise persuasive agendas, and the objectives of these acts must be linked with sociological or politically-motivated agendas (FEMA, 1997).Domestic terrorism is characterized as a holistic blend of the aforementioned objectives and activities, which occur inwardly a national region, which are conducted against companionable systems and ideologies, governmental actors, and citizenry communities. Some of the most common terrorist activities occurring domestically include implementing a frame of illegal pursuits so as to fund hostile or savage objectives, as well as using a variety of methodologies to elicit threats against government and society so as to establish support or compliance with a specific political or social agenda.The composition of domestic terrorism is complex and usually consists of multi-faceted objectives of the terrorist party or group which has substantial implications for local, recount and federal-level institutions when attempting to contend with terrorist activities and agendas. It often involves a series of complicated analyses and interventions inwardly many diverse federal institutions beneath a collaborative model with local and state-level authorities to achieve terrorist reduction and opposition.This essay examines a variety of domestic terrorism attacks that have occurred in the United States, focusing on the politically-motivated or socially-motivated objectives that drove these waste acts. The project further examines the threats and dangers of domestic terrorism today as opposed to international terrorism within U.S. borders and provides an analysis of the programs currently in place at the federal, state and local levels to prevent reoccurrences of domestic terrorism. It is important and prudent for American citizens and empowered institutions to understand the dynami cs of what serves as catalysts for domestic terrorism as domestic

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Nuclear Family and Matrix Organizational Structure Essay

Nuclear Family and ground substance Organizational Structure - Essay ExampleIn cases where the family cannot support itself and the 2 p bent limitation is exceeded the family is better kn witness as an broaden family. The term extend family point to a situation where the immediate family members are living together with their own nuclear family and an extended family would comprise of grand parents, uncles, aunts etc.The nuclear family system has a number of advantages. The first one worth mentioning here is that there is no particular Head of The Family and basically you are on your own. To put it in a colloquial representation there is basically no one to stop you from anything. Having labeled this as an advantage it is also worth mentioning that this can be a good or a bad thing. Since you are on your own you take your own decisions and indeed whatever the consequences of a particular be the person involves does not ca-ca to blame any one else but him/herself whenever a de cision is thought crook in retrospect. The flip side to this is that normally the Head of a family has far more experience than the jr. ones involved and normally the Head is in a better position to judge and decide if a particular step or decision can be helpful or not therefore in a nuclear family setup this fruit of experience is missed verboten. The next point is that you organise your children in your own style and there is rarely any interference from any elders. This again has some(prenominal) sides to it since having the choice of raising your kids your own way does help your kids to have orientations of the ways of life of the future and they dont have to be compliant to the standards of elders. At the same time again the experience of an elder of the family is missed out here. Compared to a joint family system in a nuclear family you earn and spend on your own luxuries without having to contribute anything towards the family pool. One note worthy issue here is that as soon as a marriage breaks the whole family come crumpling down in a nuclear family. As compared to this in a joint family the children of the broken marriage are normally taken care of by the grand parents. devil in a BoxThis concept is based on the idea of devil leading roles in an organization/group where the two have different focuses as compared to each other but the two together help the organization move towards its goal in a very efficient manner.Matrix OrganizationIn social organisation the team consists of multifunctional team members and encourages a horizontal communication and authority instead than the traditional vertical flow of authority. The matrix structure essentially abandons the concept of one boss or one oral sex for a division/department. It normally enforces an amalgamation of individual skills by involving individuals from different departments this structure is usually very effective for large projects or for a specific products development. The way th is structure workings is that for a specific project, for which the matrix is enforced, the day to day progress report goes to the product of project head where as the individuals continue reporting for their over all performances to their main departmental head. The positive about this

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Juvenile Delinquency Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Juvenile Delinquency - Essay ExampleThose who leave behind walk in the altogetheriance of wise will continually be wiser unlike those who seek the counsel of fools. It records that those who seek the latter counsels after suffers from unnecessary harm and afflictions. However, the counsel of just friends only brings happiness, success and blessings to a young mans life.The book instructs stern warnings against youths who befriend individuals with unjust lifestyles. It advices that youth should non seek heed of the enticements of sinners who persuasively desires to inscribe them to immoral and unaccepted actions.Young men are advised to relate wisely with charming women. They should exclude of wicked women who may lead them to a regrettable life. Such women should not entice or wangle them. Parents should at all times appeal and remind their countersigns of the instructions of the book of proverbs. They should faithfully teach their children the just ways of God even to be fa ithful to it. That their sons will not ignore these proverbs counsels in their youths lifestyle. As their children approach their youths life, they become independent in their decisions. Its therefore the Wright counsel that will help them make acceptable decisions and escape the wrath of sin. Parents should therefore instill these instructions to their teenagers at all times even if they tend to rebel.The father should strive to ensure that his son does not give into the control of erroneous mentality of a youthful age. He urges his son to follow the ways of God at all times and avoid the misery of falling in the hands of adulterous women and crime. The path of the son has to be straight as this will deliver him from perversity of evil and walking in darkness.A father should at all times speak of the future life to his son. He must not tell his son of the days of his youth but rather the coming days of his sons youth. The son will be in a better position and the upright mind to e nsconce correctly

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Knowing Imagination, Fantasy and Faith in Essay

Knowing Imagination, Fantasy and Faith in - analyse ExampleWhen tight spots emerge, they have nothing to say. Chances are high, that young ladies and young men, will contract to know how imagination, fantasy, and faith are being explored and exploited, or put into action as apparently realistic, at times grotesque in some symbolic works of fiction which whitethorn serve them swell when opportunities surface.In story books, tales often compel the lecturers to picture things that came to pass and may come about development representations, similar to what seeds do. For example, Bontshe Shvayg (146-151), is purely a product of the authors imagination in addition to borrowed ideas from the authors of the scriptures. In The Story of a Young Man, What is the soul (93), the author projected his minds thoughts in terms of a boy at the tender era when it comes to the question of what happened to the soul after death. Most readers also who would examine the story are set and frame to vi ew things the way a child would also be able to picture death, soul, and ascension having been minded(p) the symbols of water, cloth, The Story of a Young Man (94), Souls are flying, souls are flying, flight, and akin to some small birds ways where they can be seen in still pictures portrayed to be seeping some water, wipe its story on some dry grasses, and then fly and soar high until when it is beyond ones sight. The symbolism may be low key to some, but, it shows how allegories are by themselves effective whether one is young or senile to communicate the message that authors want to deliver whether they are appraised or not. One high-quality approach to queer how imagination, fantasy, and faith are being explored and exploited in a written piece is primarily to fall upon to characterize the underlying principle behind the script. For example, some readers may not really understand and appreciate fair hallah (1-8). When the satirical narrative was written, the author migh t have been too affected by the idea of not only what is one gist in duster Challah (1), bigotry, and also sportsmanlike Challah (2), hostilities because of differences in faith. Yet, within the congregating community of believers, White Challah (2), there also was hierarchies of jut depicting a group of people, subservient to mere human yearnings. The satire to some extent, White Challah (3-8) exposes mens folly when the intellectual abilities are not fully honed to adhere to reason and logic. But, how will the reader know that the narrative used differences in faith and symbolism to expose human weakness For the Jews, White Challah (8), challah or braided bread is very important table offering during Sabbath as an entwined food, symbolizing mirror images that were once upon a time created by God on earth. Conversely, the Christians believe in God, but, consider, White Challah (1), Christ as the manna from heaven. After reading the full text of the story, White Challah (1-8), th e reader may find that the purpose of the author was to showcase the disparity between the Christian faith and the Jewish faith dwelling in the same nation, and apparently to motivate readers to make decisions on which group would one like to be identified and join given the opportunity. In other words, the author expressed his feelings about the Christians and the Jews while providing information of their activities, persuading the readers

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Ethical Hacking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ethical Hacking - Essay ExampleEven casual day to day tasks rely on the use of computers. Technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate and as a result the products that reach the market are engineered more for ease of use rather than full computing. With the increased numbers and expanding knowledge of ill-intentioned crackers, combined with the growing number of system vulnerabilities and other unknowns, organizations (universities, corporate companies, NGOs, hospitals etc) aim to be more proactive in securing their sensitive networks and data. More and more companies now believe in the quote To catch a thief, think like a thief and hiring ethical hackers to ensure teaching system security.For a long time, the term Ethical Hacking has been termed to be an oxymoron. This is mainly because of the misappropriate information imparted by misinformed or more appropriately, lesser informed people.Since a long time, zealous and intelligent information system professionals who can me nd around a computer issue through innovation have categorized themselves into two categories obscure Hat Society (Crackers) and White Hat Society (Hackers).

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The increasing use of computers in schools Essay

The increasing use of computers in schools - Essay ExampleHence, schools have introduced the use of computers not only to improve students academic execution of instrument but also to increase students familiarity with new technologies as strong as make learning fun and effective for students.The introduction of computers in schools aimed first to improve students performance in their academic subjects. Educators believe that the computers facilitate ease and convenience especially when these are used by the young people to write papers or do research. Studies done by researchers at capital of Massachusetts College state that regular use of computers in order to do research and write paper quite a little improve students writing abilities. These students are said to perform better in schools than those who dont use the computers on the alike(p) undertakings (O Dwyer et al, 2005). Researchers also found out that the students constant use of the computer results to higher score in standardise writing tests as a consequence of their learning from producing drafts, editing to correct errors and writing the final copy. In addition, computers have made the access to information swifter as students do not have to browse with books in the library in order to search to gain access for hard to find data.

Recruitment Process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Recruitment Process - Essay ExampleThe regular army Staffing recruiting system has been designed by the federal government to cater for the special and unique requirements as inflexible by the federal recruitment and staffing. The application process is done online and the applicants can use USAJOBS and the DEA Career opening by USA Staffing recruiting system (DEA, 2015). The advantage of the application process is that it is convinient and the applicants can contact the application handler in the event that they have encountered some problems.On the other hand, the applicationprocess to Join Los Angeles law force begins by downloading an application form which needs to be completed by the applicant. This process is comprised of seven tone of voices. According to Los angeles Police Force website, the first step in the application process involves Preliminary Background Application (PBA) and contemplate Preview Questionnaire (JPQ) which is completed online. This aims to help th e applicant identify issues that help them better understand the force and look on if they have the potential to qualify. The second step is The Personal Qualifications Essay (PQE) which is comprised of essay questions related to judgment and closing making and behavioral flexibility and the applicants confabulation skills are also evaluated. The third step involves background investigation and poligraphy examination. This is meant to obtain the applicants background information and family members may also be interviewed to obtain this information.The fourth step involves Physical Abilities Test to measure strength as well as capability in terms of performance. The fifth stage involves interviews where the panelists seek to assess your personal accomplishments, motivation communication skills as well as interpersonal skills to see if you are capable of doing the job. The sixth step involves medical exam and

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Designing a house Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Designing a house - hear ExampleThe building is built on a relatively stable ground and hence it first appearance was a shallow type of foundation. The foundation is concrete mixed poured on a steel reenforcement to an averagely thick slab. The wall was constructed from locally prepared bricks that were arranged in interlocking configuration. The second slap kick downstairs the ground floor from the first floor and is concrete reinforced. The roof is joined to the 300mm thick ring putz through metallic straps. Roof is made from iron shreds joined onto the wooden struts through iron sheet nails. The roof has provision left that could be used in the future to introduce tiles. The paper therefore look into the design considerations in coming up with up with the said building using the redress material and incorporating the right technical knowledge.According to Shlash (2001) the design of the foundation takes into the consideration the amount of floors the building pull up stak es have, the land alignment (topography) and the type of soil. The weight of the foundation is normally taken by the soil underneath where the load is spread. Therefore the total load is transmitted to the footing where it is spread and is expected to be carried by the land surface underneath. Therefore they essential have had excavated the foundation to a point where the basement rocknroll started to get the right bearing capacity so that the overall load doesnt have a large displacement.Apart from the natural soil stability, they had to find the right building material for the foundation which could wad the large amount of load. They had to make sure the ring needs to be able to carry the infallible amount of load and mustIn this project the material used is concrete hence it must have the recommended thickness and strength to transfer the load top the bottom surface and the reinforcement must be properly placed to give the right construction stability and positioning (Shlash , 2001). The building is hardened

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Introduction to people at work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Introduction to people at take - Essay ExampleAs such, there are factors in this aspect that focus mainly on extrinsic want, which is known to be related closely to intrinsic motivation. As a result, there is need to have attention compensable to the environment in which I work as an employee following this close-knit relationship, in which offering the pay tools for the origin to be done should serve as a motivator. This is in addition to presentation of a suitable environment such as lighting and ventilation as depicted by the Maslow power structure of needs to eliminate the need for certain things before one can graduate to the next take aim of productivity (Nader, n.d, p.4). As a result, tools and physical conditions would serve as ate best means of motivation following the need for a highly productive employee. This couples further with making the employer enjoy that which he does as per Taylors theory of motivation and this provide perfect motivation to enjoy work (Silver , n.d). In addition, other expectation lies with leadership and hierarchy, which studies have expressed concerns that strategic management is the best way to go when dealings with new employees and developing a company to success. As a result, the key expectation as per this depends on having positions of power and a distribution of authority throughout the organization such that there is not a single employee in the organization that cannot take responsibility. The implication of this is having a hierarchy of authority as c solelyed for amongst those that pleader strategic management, but based on more modern systems of interaction following the questionable nature of traditional strategic management and the role of these managers in the said era (Chakravarthy and Henderson, 2007, p.4). Employers that follow new well-tried means have more appeal that those who stick to traditional means following the image of dynamism that is depict for both employees and clients. This also s erves as a motivating factor, especially in the interactions between managers and employees, in which case I aspire to be a marketing manager, as there is immediate feedback and culture of corporate behaviour that is unique to the business model of the organization. Reward systems are also to be looked into keenly as it is this that works to motivate employees significantly coupled with conventional motivators such as meeting all their needs at work. This serves for remuneration and compensation for other works and duties fulfilled outside the normal job description, but for the benefit of the organization. The incentives provided for such performances outside of the normal job description are part of larger scheme to improve performance of workers in the organization, and personally as an employee, I am of the opinion that having a scheme such as this boosts individual performance. In addition, it is crucial for the image of the organization in that it pushes employees to work to wards the overall success of the organization and every employee wants to be part of a successful organization, and I am no exception. Other forms of rewards and of utmost importance include remuneration as it plays the role of pay for operate rendered, and an attractive pay is part of the package expected from future employers

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Growth and Development through the Upheaval of the Late Middle Ages Essay

Growth and Development through the Upheaval of the Late Middle Ages - Essay ExampleThis was further one of many devastating events that occurred in this time period and another critical event was the degree Celsius Years War (Kagan, Ozment and Turner 257). Both of these events caused hard shoemakers lasts within the people and may have make it seem like there was no hope. Despite this, the upheaval of the recently Middle Ages did have any(prenominal) positive aspects, and overall created a positive outcome for the remaining population. The turbulence of the period resulted in a significant depopulation, easing the tension on citizens, decreasing rents and leading to the revitalization of cities. The population of Europe had unquestionable extensively prior to the bulbonic plague resulting in a larger demand for food than could be produced. in that respect were also not enough jobs, resulting in many people being unable to feed themselves or their families (Kagan, Ozment and Turner 258). The plague resulted in many deaths, which led to a significantly decreased labor supply. A smaller population decreased the demand for food and land, resulting in a decrease in rents end-to-end Europe. The changes in demand led to increased interest in expensive products produced through skilled industry. This resulted in a considerable knowledge of skill in this time, and many people turned away from manual(a) labor to be involved in skilled labor instead (Kagan, Ozment and Turner 258). Overall, the led to the population as a whole becoming more skilled, and to a greater desire for learning and the development of skills. Although both sides took heavy losses during the Hundred Year War, the war served to help develop a consciousness of destiny and theme identity for the country and influenced the transition to a centralized state. The French had superior forces during the war. However, the English had superior firepower and a sense of national pride (Kagan, Ozment and Turner 265). Towards the end of the war, Joan of Arc became an important national figure for the French, leading to the liberation of Orleans from the English. Her victories were unassailablely due to the sense of hope and nationalism that Joans presence installed in the French people. Despite the devastation that the war brought to France, it led to the development of a strong sense of nationalism. This nationalism did not end once the war had finished, and it sped the movement of France away from a monarchy and towards a centralized state (Kagan, Ozment and Turner 266-267). A final aspect of the late Middle Ages that was positive was education, liberal arts and humanism. All of these components have become an important part of our society today, yet they evolved within this time of death and despair. By the time the 15th century had ended, the deaths which had occurred earlier in the century were beginning to be do up for in births. The population was beginning to recover f rom the period of death and disease and there were substantial changes in the dynamics of the country. From 1300 to 1500 education had dramatically increased in accessibility, with fifty new universities being build in this period, as well as a large amount of residential colleges. Humanism and the feeling press were also developed shortly after this period, undoubtedly as the result of advances seen within the late Middle Ages (Kagan, Ozment and Turner 279). These advances helped to pave the way for later developments throughout Europe, and played an essential role in the revitalization of Europe. For the people living within the late Middle Ages, the time was no doubt seen as one of death and despair, where there was little hope that the world would ever return to a beloved place. However, despite the number of deaths and the turbulence that surrounded this time period, the

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Communication class Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Communication class - Assignment ExampleIn the long run, such power produces dysfunctional behavior. The film The Lion King is replete with scenes that exhibit the practise of arrogant power. This is evident in the air Simba forcefully grabs the throne of Pride Lands and uses coercive power in his rule.Following the death of Musafa, Scar reconciles everywhere the throne of Pride Lands. Under his leadership, he exhibits a high degree of coercive power. For lesson, Zazu is confined to a bone cage singing while Scar lazily lies about chewing on castanets (Internet Movie Database).when Zazu complains of his predicament and mentions that he never experienced the same under Mufasa, Scar scolds him and reminds him that the justice requires them never to mention Mufasas name. Meanwhile, as Shenzi, Banzai and Ed complain about scarcity of food and water system as well as the refusal of lionesses to hunt, Scar solution to them is to eat Zulu. Thus, it is evident that coercive power re sults in an atmosphere of insecurity and fear.When Scar confronts and asks Sarabi why the lionesses had refused to hunt, Sarabi answers that the herds had opted to leave Pride Rock. She then compares him to Mufasa. This angers Scar, who cruelly hits Sarabi. This typifies the fact that coercive power reduces peoples satisfaction with their jobs and therefore leads to lack of commitment and general withdrawal.Another instance where coercive power is manifested in the movie is the scene of Simbas arrives in the Pride Land to take his rightful throne. On his arrival, Simba confronts Scar, and demands that he steps down from the throne or fight. The use of the threat of madness clearly depicts the use of coercive power. Even so, Scar retreats back by prompting Simba to confess who was trusty for Mufasas death (Internet Movie Database). In this regard, Simba confessed that he was responsible for Mufasas death, though it was accidental.This prompts Mufasa to use coercive power so as to m aintain the throne. Thus, he accuses

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Writer's option Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Writers option - Research Paper ExampleSmith clarified the way competitor enhances the productivity and social wellbeing by promising ideal distribution of resources and labour in the general economy. Yet, as a pragmatist, Smith had also identified that capitalism will corrupt the militant markets. He had also realised that in capitalist economy, certain individuals would turn out to be much wealthier and deep in comparison with others. On the assumption that there will be economic growth, the wealthy would arrive wealthier, however, the poor would also be more affluent. Adam Smith put substantial level of causal agency for establishing the theory of capitalism and how it would determine competitive markets. Even after his death, the ideas provided by Adam Smith remained solid in the fields of economy (Yardeni & Moss, 1990).Focusing on this aspect, the study examines Adam Smiths exposition of competitive market. The study also delineates the way in which Adam Smith has viewed the present competitive markets and the panache in which these markets work. In relation to this, the study defines how the rule of exchange works in a competitive market for determining the prices.Capitalism is an economic structure which protects private property and al low-downs free trade in the competitive markets. In capitalism system, individuals are allowed to follow self-interests as long as these interests are controlled by competition and society obtains advantages from lower expenses and increased choices. However, the problem related to capitalism is that self-interest has a native tendency for collusion and corruption. In other words, capitalists tend to pursue power and to exploit it in clubhouse to rigout the market in their favour at the cost of economic disadvantage (Yardeni & Moss, 1990).Adam Smith a great deal cited capitalism as a supporter of free market which signifies deregulation. A deregulated market where government has low

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Prepare a two-page paper discussing Dr. Charans insights and how Essay

Prep atomic number 18 a two-page paper discussing Dr. Charans insights and how current executive leadership should plan and operate - Essay ExampleIt is also important for the leaders to admit full details of their operations so as to be better positioned to defend their core ccapable in the event of economic crisis striking. Short term strategies are advocated so as to be able to deal with the office staff. Essentially, thither are six leadership traits for hard time which include the followingIn most cases, revenues for businesses are generated through sales hence the have for the sales people to be as realistic as much as possible. They should scan the current environment and see if they can hold out an opportunity through evaluating the customers potential to buy.These communicate the fiscal position of the business both internally and externally. Their principal(prenominal) role is to communicate clearly and honestly so as to keep the investors and lenders abreast about t he situation obtaining on the ground. Another role is to allocate resources according to the current state of economic affairs. There is need to identify the projects that matter as well as set new priorities.To those CEOs who presided over thriving organisations, there is a tendency to believe that they know everything. This over optimism is at time dangerous since they can ask in other risky activities such as debt which can sink the organisation into oblivion.Against this background, CEOs should remember that they are leaders and should inspire their workers even during trying times. They should remind the workers that there is light at the end of the turn over hence should not despair.There is need to establish respectful relationships with the stakeholders in order to contribute to the blind drunks credibility. Information about the situation obtaining on the ground is very important and it should always be truthful.Capable leaders will often have a vision and emerge stronge r from a financial crisis.

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How historians make use of other social sciences Essay

How historians make use of otherwise social sciences - raise ExampleBy tradition and definition, history requires certain written records which can be evaluated and reviewed. Verbal or the oral history often gets lost and the historians or the interested professionals try to understand the history through folklores and myths where there is no written account.History has normally been understood as common memory of the commonwealth that provides with the detailed account of the past. The subject also imprisons sh bed experiences, values and ideas and helps one to analyze the past to see out the future ideas, experiences and values. The tools offered by the social sciences are behind or beneath historical institutions, ideas and events (dimensions of frugal change, social inequality, population growth and mobility, social protest, behavior and mass attitude and voting patterns) (Robinson,History).As discussed earlier, history is an amalgamation of various other subjects particula rly social sciences. Also, the trend among the historians suggests that the scholars of history have utilize other disciplines of social science within the periphery of the gamut of history. The scholars of the field often used other connect subjects like geography, political science, law and economics in order to analyze the historical events. The scholars of the subject reckon that without inculcating other social sciences, historical events cannot be understood in the right and the best spirit. According to the instill of thought, one must know about the political happenings or the geographical particulars of any area or person before knowing the history of the person or of the area. Such inculcation provides wider spectrum and helps a administer to understand the exact scheme of things that had occurred long back.Many of the scholars are of the view that such usage of other social science subjects with in the domain of history is because of the fact that all of the social s cience subjects are inter

Rdms phase4 db1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Rdms phase4 db1 - Essay ExampleNow days, more and more companies are pulling away from the traditionalistic Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and use Prototyping categorized as Rapid Application Development (RAD) methods (Hoffer, Prescott, & McFadden, 2007). In general, prototyping is a development approach in which requirements are quickly converted to a working form that is repeatedly analyzed and refined until the desired product is achieved. In case of informationbase development process, prototyping allows installing and use of a database that is not complete yet has the majority of the functionality built-in. Prototyping is cursory attempt at conceptual data modeling and define database during development of initial epitome. After that initial prototype version is repeatedly use and used and maintenance activities are carried out so that new prototype versions become an efficient prototype or operational system (Hoffer, Prescott, & McFadden, 2007). Here, it is importa nt that more time is given to test and revise database use after initial prototype version is developed.The most important aspect of prototyping is that it facilitates effective communication among users and developers. Because of active participation of both users and developers, feedback for enhancement of the system is available after every prototype versions to developers from reverse users. The other advantages of prototyping are higher user satisfaction, reduction in development time and cost, and improved capacity in

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The Trend of Logistics Development in China Essay Example for Free

The Tr give the axe of Logistics reading in china EssayWith mainland Chinas entering WTO and the coming of the sparing ball-shapedization, young logistics has stepped into a far increased stage. In 2003, the logistics in China occupied RMB 240 billion dollars, comp ared with that in 2002, which increased by 26%, it is also estimated that during 2000 2005 the increasing rate of the 3PL marketing will reach 25% in China. Logistics act, which is colligate to the producing manufacturing sedulousness and commodity circulation application, not only can help the enterprises optimize the re cite configuration, lower the overlap comprises, but also improve their competition capability. Logistics is also a arrangingatic project that implicates manufacturing, purchasing, storage, transportation, forward, distribution and sale. like a shot days, logistics and the supply chain precaution is becoming the core issue in world business field. veneering the immature logistics ma rket in China, as far as the manufacturing, producing industry and the circulation industry are concerned, it is just about historic and urgent to positively evaluate the development tendency and meet the international requirements on the logistics as soon as possible.Development of Logistics Industry in ChinaThe bragging(a)r of Chinas logistics, but the rationalization of logistics gaps. Chinas logistics industry has yet to establish a statistical system based on, cannot accurately reflect the general surface of logistics. The performance of the logistics organization is not quite reasonable, subject to resource distribution, circulation system, the industrial layout and organization of production, materials far away, indirect ascend is serious a large number of logistics activities, the lack of specialized logistics services organization, logistics and laid-back cost. separate logistics companies generally low level of Information applied science, as a constraint to the d evelopment of logistics enterprises in China the biggest bottleneck and obstacles. Current logistics enterprises in the electronic computer software applications, most still at the point-type application and the application of a sector, individual enterprises of the enterprise development Management, with guests to succeed almost or all of the tuition betwixt the shared computer network is only a few very small number of home.Logistics info technology has become mandatory access essential countries eligible for logistics enterprises, such as Just In Time(JIT), Material Requirements Planning 1(MRP1), Material Requirements Planning 2(MRP2) and so improve logistics efficiency and reduce logistics cost of novele management model is built on the information to adapt its technology to support the premise developed the Chinas logistics market is fiercely competitive low-end but high-end logistics market, but few people interested in the phenomenon exists, the overall low level of information, it cannot be implemented as JIT, MRP1, MRP2 and so improve logistics efficiency and reduce logistics cost of in advance(p) management model, naturally only in the low-end logistics market flame. Quality of personnel logistics enterprises, in special the quality of leadership is difficult to adapt to the requirements of modern logistics operations.Chinas abundant human resources, labor costs are low, employment or logistics enterprises in the selection of mechanical equipment with modern, often choose to replace some of the modern employment of machinery and equipment more economical, beca routine it has certain substitutability between. But man is no substitute for modern information technology to bring the efficiency of the logistics enterprises, the current leadership of the state-owned logistics enterprises personnel structure are mostly the end of the planned economy to work, go step by step in the enterprise leadership positions, management and thought leader in the factors that can not completely avoid inbreeding, plus has not been enhanced, the divinatory knowledge of the Training system, making it difficult to adapt to new business ideas and forms of development, lack of awareness development.Computer application is limited to mechanical and electrical integration from abroad, no paper into the principal(prenominal) features of the distribution automation, modernisation far, Chinas logistics industry, the biggest difference between the developed countries a direct manifestation of this is it. Therefore we can say, Information technology logistics industry in China the biggest gap with developed countries, but also restricting the development of logistics industry in China is a bottleneck. Development trend of Chinas logistics industry As economic integration, and Computer and intercourse technology continues to develop, greatly promoted the development of the logistics industry, to quickly become a global logistics industry with gr eat capability and the development of new service industries. Modern logistics has been our politics, enterprises attach importance, and thither has been rapid development momentum.A high degree of government from the industry will support the development of modern logistics as the sustained economic development, improve the investment environment, improve social and economic benefits, reduce social costs, make full use of the important strategies of social resources, production and logistics as a business enterprise to the third profit source and access to enterprise competitive advantage of strategic opportunities, traditional logistics (transport, warehousing and other(a) enterprise) to the development of modern logistics as the re-build companies, seeking new business profit growth, still development of the enterprises strategic objectives.In China, the main trend of development of modern logistics in the following aspects. desegregation of logistics operations the essence of modern logistics in its system integration concept that integrates the traditional area of operation, the production, arketing, packaging, handling, transportation, storage, distribution, circulation, processing, logistics and Information processing, decentralized, activities across the enterprise sector interconnected, fundamental combination, as a system to manage, the operational aspects of the logistics activities effectively combined to form a comprehensive customer service-oriented capabilities, saving distribution costs, improve circulation efficiency and effectiveness. Logistics Management Information system is a large match system. Not only a wide range of logistics activities, involving many departments, and has been in a dynamic process. With the global economy, goods and production factors in the global free flow of an remarkable rate.Logistics activities, flow rate also entered an unprecedented phase of development, logistics positive globalization, networking a nd information-oriented, EDI technology and Internet applications, so the logistics efficiency depends more on information management technologies the popularity of Computer and general application of bar code technology, provides a more demand and inventory information to enhance the scientific level of information management, demand for the commodity level in a renewal of flow more easily and quickly. Information has become the core of logistics activities has become the driving force of logistics innovation. Social logistics resources with market-oriented economic and social development, on the one hand more and more detailed specialization, on the other hand the increasingly close cooperation between professionals. Production enterprises and the retail industrys need for raw materials, intermediate products, and utmost products are mostly made up of different logistics centers, wholesale centers and distribution centers in ensnare to achieve fewer inventories and zero invent ories.Trend of modern logistics comm congruity social and economic activities is the development of economies of scale in logistics, logistics inevitable result of comprehensive utilization of resources. In the big cities or professional modern integrated logistics park, logistics center, logistics base has become a common phenomenon. Integrated logistics system cannot do without transportation and warehousing logistics. fund requires a high degree of mechanization and modernization, automation, standardization, Information, and to organize efficient, machine, material systems and transport modernization requires the establishment of railways, highways, waterways, ir and pipeline integrated transport system, which is essential to the modernization of logistics conditions, survival and development of modern logistics necessary condition.Integration of third-rate general circulation in accordance with Law, business flow, logistics, information flow is the separation of the three stre ams. To flow of material can be achieved using the value, after the business flow, material information on the diversity of self-command logistics solution is the production of material from its geographical area of the displacement of its consumption cannot change the ownership of material information flow solution the flow of information between the main transmission.In modern society, due to the different materials, products, or the transfer of goods means the formation of the circulation and marketing of different forms, in order to adapt to this change, there are many countries in the world of logistics centers distribution centers have basically achieved the flow, the unity of logistics and information flow. In addition, the agency also made the implementation of modern logistics more scientific and rational, because the circulation system in this manner more conducive to the implementation of third-rate one. Third-rate one has become an important symbol of modern logistics. More competitions in further from the foreign investment and surreptitious enterprise in China After China entering WTO, the distribution system has opened to the outside. The logistics and transport are face up the same situation. The foreign investment corporation will be allowed to open in the full sides.Because of the large logistics demands and weak supply ability in China, many foreign logistics companies gave expected too much for the market. any(prenominal) of them, have entered into the Chinese market and taken part in the competition, such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT and so on Some of them allied the domestic companies to reform the professional logistics. On one hand, they provide their customers with the professional services, which include national wide distribution, international logistic service, and multimode transportation. With more open policies issued by Chinas government, the private corporations will bring more challengers to the traditional state-owned compan ies in the long time.The Corning of the integration Storm in China According to the industry evolution from the international famous consulting corporation, the evolution of a industry usually includes quadruplet stages primary establishment, normalization stage, centralization stage, balance and unification stage. When a industry state in a go-between stage from the primary establishment to the normalization, there will be many combinations and reorganizations in which some small companies will be absorbed, reorganized, even died meanwhile, the large enterprises will improve their impacts further. As for Chinese logistic market, its development just belongs to this stage. ConclusionThe logistics resources in China are very rich, As for the storage are, there are more than 250000000 square meters in circulation field, which is distribution in the station, dock, port, warehouse, stock etc. this kind of distribution has formed the nation-scattered condition. Many of them have been re garded as the collection of enterprises, funds, information etc. and are full of correctly potential. In order to ensure the logistics development in a fast, healthful way, and Chinas government should enact more advantages policies and measures, give more support for logistics enterprises after seeing the development tendency and the industry characteristics, they would choose the personalized way. Generally speaking, our companies of China can have clear view on the further development take the opportunity to succeed in the future competition.

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Hard times by Charles Dickens Essay Example for Free

unvoiced times by Charles dickens EssayThe book Hard times, relates to the toughened times that nation were going through at the time of the industrial revolution, during the 1840s. the book was published in 1850, so that when Charles wrote the book, he was looking back on the events that occurred 10 years earlier. In his book Hard Times heller focuses on pedagogics and how children used to be taught. Dickens does non agree with the lawsuit of teaching that was going on in those times, and by making the characters of the story his object of hate, it makes them prime targets of ridiculing, and does so throughout the book. He describes how the educators insist on teaching fact, and fact alone, nothing but fact. This way he can put forward his views and feelings of this seduce of teaching, by ridiculing the characters and continually ripping them apart with criticism. The educators insist on teaching fact and pluck all the opinion from the tiny fragile minds that can be so easily moulded into fact filled objects. They scoop out e real little fragment of imagination, not leave the smallest detail to spare and replace it with fact, fact, fact, until they are over spilling with them.As if when filling an empty money misfortune with pennies until it is full to the brim and over flowing, and when you take off the lid they all pour out, one later the former(a), penny after penny, fact after fact. Facts were ridged and solid, there was no room for interpretation, or some other view on the matter, a fact could not be disproved, or argued against, a fact was a fact, and that was what the educators were trying to pour into the innocent little minds, once filled with imagination and opinion. Dickens chooses the names of characters very well. Such as Grad grind, this gives an impression of a strict, hard faced man stuck in his ways.Dickens is very descriptive which gives the reader an image of the characters, and yet at the same time he leaves other aspects t o the imagination. The educators were filtering out the opinion and imagination, leaving room for only the facts to get through. This is what Dickens disliked about this form of education, he thought that each child should be independent, and have their own opinion of things and have a free imagination. Dickens himself was a very bright child, yet was denied the right to education, due to the conditions of the time, and the fact that his family were so poor.He left school at the age of 14 and went to process. This is the main reason why Dickens feels so strongly about education and he feels that people should do what they want to do not what they have to do, as he had to leave school in order to get a place to a greater extent money for his family. In chapter 2 we learn that the teacher Gradgrind has little, if any respect for the children as he refers to them by numbers, to a fault he criticises on of the girls names. He forms the impression of a very narrow tending(p) man with little consideration or respect for children.He is full of fact and stuck in his ways, he believes that because he has been taught facts that every one should be taught pure fact. Dickens doesnt like this way of learning, and continually ridicules it and the people teaching it. Dickens gets his points across through satire and comic exaggeration, he uses this to achieve humour and also as an extreme way of getting feelings across. During the Victorian times people had a very glaze over view of education, they did not think it was that essential for children to learn, however in the Victorian times it all came dash off to your social class.If you were upper class you would have had an education, however if you were lower class you would be considered very prosperous if you went to school and even then you would have hat to have left school early to work to get that extra bit of money for the family. I thin these views existed because people had no idea of the brilliance and it al l came down to your social class, also children were ill treated and expected to be seen and not heard. These views of education are very wrong as it is now important especially as we have more rights, and people are respected more.

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Health Care Financial Terms Week One Essay Example for Free

Health C atomic number 18 Financial Terms Week One testControlling is the practice that carriages use to ensure that the confederation plans and goals are being attained. By comparing storey to each other parts that are working and succeeding are defined and the areas where businesss are occurring can be addressed and corrected (Baker Baker, 2011).A manager has four different, lets say groups that report to this manager. Controlling would be when team A, B, C, and D submit the teams financial report to the manager. The manager would review all four teams to ensure the teams are meeting the financial goals. So, in this scenario Team A, B, and C is on target and meeting the goals. However, Team D has not met the goals.The manager needs to review the team Ds progress determine where the problem is, such as cutting cost, the resource allocation, operating procedure, or other issues. Without controlling the teams and reviewing progress, other area will suffer.Decision makingD ecision making is management making informed decisions based on all information that accomplishes the smart sets goals (Baker Baker, 2011).The company is making a decision on purchase electronic medical records. The financial reports will inform management of the financial status on the company and the amount of money they can budget for the purchase of this the EMR.OrganizingOrganizing is a term for companies to decide how to use resources for the surpass outcome for the company (Baker Baker, 2011).A manager is given a certain amount of revenue and the manager decides where the money is allocated for the department to accomplish the goals set by thecompany.PlanningTo succeed, companies need corporate goals. Planning is identifying the goals and resources. egg laying out the steps by using the resources to accomplish those goals (Baker Baker, 2011).A manager has a specific give to install and to perform the primary function of the project. The manager works out a step by step plan from the beginning to the end of implementing the project until the project is complete and accomplishes the goal.Original recordsWhen a act is recorded into a journal or ledger this becomes the original records (Baker Baker, 2011).A patient makes a stipend of $100. This payment is entered into the patients file and payment history. This entry is an original record in the companys income ledger.ReferenceBaker, J. J., Baker, R. W. (2011). Health Care Finance Basic Tools for Nonfinancial Managers (3rd ed.).Sudbury, MA Jones and Bartlett Publishers, LLC.

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Medieval Universities Essay Example for Free

gallant Universities EssayHigher discipline plays a major part in todays society. Expected to continue their teaching beyond high civilize, many students attend quaternity-year universities and colleges. The emergence of such higher education was first enter in Europe during the Middle Ages. The origins and characteristics of these mediaeval universities as well as details of the students and their get the hang (professors) give be thoroughly discussed in the dramatiseing paragraphs. These universities became the foundation of and cases for the higher education of today. The Latin word universitas, or university, first appeared in the Latin text of Cicero, the word meaning the whole of mankind or the tender-hearted race. The word gained educational meaning when the corporation of Paris masters and students first used universitas in 1221 to delimit the organized society of the entire body of masters and students. But even then the meaning of university was different. un alike(p) todays university, the mediaeval universities referred to the students and masters rather than to a building or specific place.This is in the first place due to the position that the early universities did not own buildings yet used rented rooms or available rooms loaned by the church as their classrooms (Previte-Orton 622). This flexibility in any case gave the university the power to hightail it from their town during a dispute with the townspeople, a strategy used often by the scholars who were often in need of protection (Thompson and Johnson 725). Several conditions provided the expression for the establishment of the university during the thirteenth century.The communal movement, or the migration of people to cities, and the formation of guilds provided a model for the scholastici, or scholars, to follow when forming universities. The existence of cathedral and canonical schools provided scholars and teaching material needed to begin such a university. The breakthrough and emergence of new disciplines and school manuals, translations of works, contact with the Arab world, the discovery of Aristotles treatises on logic, known as the Organon, and the revival of roman print Law also contributed to the rise of the university (Gabriel 282).The university followed two main types of organization 1) the magisterial type of Paris, and 2) the student-university type of Bologna. At the University of Paris, the teachers or masters, referred to as the honestas societas or honorable society by Alexander Neckham in 1180, were the powers of the university. The chancellor give teaching licenses to students, but the society instituted the requirements a student must fulfill to gain the title of master.initially opposed to the new independent corporation, the papacy ultimately approved the university with Pope Innocent IIIs acknowledgment of the association of masters right to act as a corporation around 1208 to 1209. An important feature of the Un iversity of Paris was its rife position of the faculty of arts, considered there to be the mother of the higher faculties of saluberrima ( medicinal drug), consultissima (cannon law), and sacrtissima ( godliness). The Paris archetype was followed with slight readjustment by almost all the universities of Northern Europe (Gabriel 283).The second archetype was the student-university type of Bologna. The University of Bologna ultimately create two universitates, one organization for Italian students and one for foreign students. These student organizations were originally formed for protection but eventually took over the supervision of the teaching with much protest from the doctors, or professors, of the school (Hyde 311). Bologna had been known as a heart and soul for legal studies during the second half of the twelfth century. Its fame change magnitude due to the famous masters the city acquired as well as its teaching of Roman Law, which was veto in France and England in 121 9.The university also offered lectures on practical sciences, such as the art of composition (Gabriel 284). The university, utter to welcome the best school of law in Europe, had other faculties which were of more limited significance. The faculties of arts and medicine were constituted during the latter half of the thirteenth century. Theology was added to these in 1364, do the university one of the few to have all of the four faculties of arts, theology, cannon and civil law, and medicine. The University of Bologna came to be known as the Italian peninsulas center for legal and medical studies (Hyde 312).The students power over the University of Bologna resided in their economic bargaining force. The students paid their masters directly. This teacher/student relationship was often strained by disagreements (Gabriel 284). According to Willis Rudy, professors were known to resort to two-a-penny tricks to gain a large audience. Students were also known to have whistled, hissed, shouted, groaned, and even thrown stones at professors who rung inaudibly, who spoke too slowly to cover material fully, or who spoke too fast making it difficult for students to take full notes (Beeler 4).At times, the strains on the relationship between the students and their teachers became so great that the students would secede from the university in protest. Such secessions led to the forming of the short-lived universities of Vicenza (1204), Arezzo (1215), and Vercelli (1228). The students most often won against their professors (Gabriel 284). However, the University of Bologna lacked the administrative and instance adept that the University of Paris achieved with the rector, or principle of the school, whom was entitled to speak in the name of the university (Gabriel 284).This lack of unity hurt the student body during the twelfth century when student power declined, leaving the commune in charge of hiring the professors (Hyde 312). Besides organizational type, another de fining feature of medieval universities was their manner of origin. Each university originated in one of three ways 1) of ad-lib foundations, 2) of papal, imperial, communal, or joint foundations, or 3) paper universities, universities with foundation charters but never physically formed. The universities of Paris and Bologna were formed from spontaneous foundations, meaning they grew from existing schools.Oxford too had spontaneous foundations, emerging around 1208 to 1209 due to a conflict between the clerics and the townspeople. Oxford was organized like the Paris model but was close to the structure of Bologna (Gabriel 284). The first university founded by a papal charter was Toulouse, established in 1229. Toulouse was strengthened by the Parisian secession in 1229 to 1231. The scholars favored its teachings of civil law, which were forbidden in Paris. However, Toulouse ultimately declined in the fifteenth century (Gabriel 285).Princes who wished to establish a school in their n ame were mainly responsible for the foundation of paper universities, the third manner of origin (Gabriel 285). The course of study for a medieval student was much different than that of todays student. History and social science courses were nonexistent. However, the student was expected to be silvery in Latin and learned in Latin grammar before attending a university. Higher education limited to males, he was to spend four years studying the basic liberal arts, completing advanced(a) work in Latin grammar and rhetoric as well as studying the rules of logic.After passageway examinations, the student received his degree of Bachelor of Arts, the prototype for todays B. A. Some students pursued advanced degrees to ensure themselves a place in professional life. The Master of Arts degree, or M. A, required three or four years of the study of mathematics, natural science, and philosophy. Doctorates required more specialized training. For example, a doctorate in theology required abou t twenty years of total schooling at the University of Paris. However, doctorates, including the degree in medicine, save gave the student the right to teach.Despite their intended purpose, all university degrees were recognized as great achievements and could lead to nonacademic careers (Binnell 3). learning gathered from various sources indicates that the life of the medieval student, seemingly rough, primitive, and violent, was surprisingly fundamentally similar to the life of todays students. umteen students sent letters home to their parents begging them for assistance. Letters from disapproving parents have also been found which express the parents frustration with their underachieving sons (Thompson and Johnson 735).Again like today, medieval universities granted funds to poorer students allowing them the privilege of higher education. knightly students also ranged significantly in age, from as young as fifteen to as old as twenty or twenty-five years of age (Dahmus 56 9). Many people criticized the student population and its behavior. Students were said to be violent and quarrelsome, disturbing and attacking citizens and laymen. Armed, the students even fought each other over almost anything, especially women. Students fagged much time gambling, drinking, and engaging in less than celibate behavior.However, the rowdies, attracting a disproportionate amount of attention, rule the medieval universities no more than they dominate todays universities. Serious students were much more plentiful (Thompson and Johnson 736). The importance of this medieval invention is beyond measure. The university has substantially aided in the heightening of civilization and has become an educational mental image of the twentieth century. The medieval university continues to influence the education of todays scholars.As said by the late Professor Haskins, todays universities, like medieval universities, are still associations of masters and scholars leading the comm on life of learning (qtd. in Dahmus 571). In conclusion, both the medieval and modern university represent the most powerful influences upon the intellectual life of their times. Works Cited Previte-Orton, C. W. The Shorter Cambridge gothic History. 2 vols. Cambridge Cambridge UP, 1953. Beeler, Stan. Scholarship and Education in Medieval Europe. Online. Internet. 10 April 1999. Available http//quarles. unbc. ca/ideas/net/ invoice/medieval.htm .EDU Binnell, Brynn. Discussion Document Is University Life Any Different Today than it was Yesterday?. Online. Internet. 10 April 1999. Available http//sunsite. wits. ac. za/wits/alumni/med_univ. html Gabriel, Astrik L. Universities. Middle Ages Dictionary. 1989. Hyde, J. K. Bologna, University of. Middle Ages Dictionary. 1989. Thompson, James Westfall, and Edgar Nathaniel Johnson. An Introduction to Medieval Europe. New York W. W. Nortan Company, Inc. , 1937. Dahmus, Joseph H. A History of Medieval Civilization. New York The Odyssey Press , Inc. , 1964.

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Demand Elasticity of Luxury Automobiles Essay Example for Free

Demand Elasticity of Luxury Automobiles Essay1. foundation garment As long as thither is a society, in that respect will always be flair. It was non surprised a forge blots, especially a highlife vogue carrys became a depicted object treasure which effect the resultants in railway line, political and social bea in European countries. Since the Hermas established in 1837, a special increment system model has formed and mountd in European luxuriousness group. Daniele de winter, the CEO of Daniele de Winter Cosmetics state that the secret of successful way of life management is a complete mix of creative genius and seam management acumen, skill and resourcefulness. The develop dodge is the key issue for a successful lavishness fashion phoner. With the development of economy and the summation of income, more and more highlife fashion companies expand their transmission line into Asia- Pacific region, especially the Hong Kong and mainland chinaware foodst uff. According to the annual report of Richemont, The Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (PPR), Hemes, Bulberry and former(a) prodigality fashion companies, the bargain revenue of Asia- Pacific region placards for more than 30% of the Group substance revenue. The Change of Global Luxury Fashion MarketThe name highlife origin from Latin word luxuria, which means an item that is expensive and enjoyable but no essential (Waite, 2012). In 186 BCE, the advantage of army of Gnaeus Manlius Vulso brought such overseas luxuriousness as bronze couches, and costly cloth spreads into Rome. For some roman letters historians, the triumph of Vulso marked as the beginning of high life diligence in Europe. With the development of centres, modern sumptuousness fashion effort has hold up a cross-sectors diligence which offers high determine goods and service for target consumers. However, in the space of two decades, the modern highlife foodstuff has changed beyond recognition.The narrow ran ge of need and subscribe of target consumers and the exclusive- distribution channels, represented by French Fashion, have been replaced by a flowerpot industry, ac lodge by expansion markings with an affordable price by a wider range of consumers. Since the beginning of 1990s, the luxuriousness industry has been recognised and restructured by agents and the fashion designers become the creator of art. According to the statistics from France scotch and Social Council in 2008 (France Economic and Social Council, 2008), with the schema of physical shop/ remembering and expansion grunges bene conk seven million euros.Depending on the diversion and internationalisation, the extravagance industry becomes an industry with wider consumers. For example, Hemes, managed by Jean-Louis Dumas, diversities their goods and creates untried harvest-feasts. The French extravagance manufacture gets a successful on grade art by purchasing crystal brand Saint Louis and silversmith Puifor cat. Similarly, Richemont Family, the main competitor of French brand, also control metrical composition of brands, such as Carites, Baume Mercier and Van Cleef Arpells. The indorse change of sumptuosity industry is the transformation from the handmade custom to industrial normalisation.Taking LVMH as example, there argon ternary cores of crossroad, as wines and spirit, luggage and leather, and fashion and perfume industry. The famous brands in high life macrocosm, analogous as Moet Chandon, Loewe, Vuitton, Givenchy, Kenzo, Dior and Guerlain, standardise the products like other heavy industries. Along with the profit- look foring financial system of logic, the commercializeing and the product standardisation become the study nonion with the concept of with child(p)-scale product. In the new centre, the concept of highlife industry and the demand of consumers are changing all the time.Heritage and Prestige is the landmark of lots of luxury brands and the unchangeab le cling to of numbers of pickicular brands. Comparing with the old style luxury brand which used to be a inheritance brand (Coste-Maniere, et al. , 2012), the new concept of luxury, veritable by Louis Vuitton and Burberry, means accepted by more consumers. For the occasional customers, they plainly enjoy the right of luxury in physical store against with the conventional customer-exclusive. In the new era, increasing the number of customers buy the fashion product they could afford, quite an than become the magnificent consumer cod to the high price.Consequently, emphasis of consumer need and the competitive advantage means centralising the core value and expending brand boundary simultaneously. 2. 2 The Development Strategy Model of Luxury Fashion blemish The luxury fashion brand originate in European countries which have plentiful historical and pagan background. With the development of servial centres, the luxury fashion industry in European, American and Japanese have become mature and standarlisation. Under this circumstance, the scheme of luxury development in western countries centralize on the brand expansion, pains for the core products and development of brand record.2. 2. 1 Brand Expansion the invertebrate footal Strategy Under the press of financial-seeking outline and the changeable of luxury trade, the old style luxury fashion brand faces the challenge of development in the mature grocery store in traditional European, American and Japanese region. Under this circumstance, the expansion of brands has become the foundational dodging for a considerable number of luxury fashion corporates, which offer a new opportunity to tense up the brand protrude, the virtually significant assets for a luxury fashion company.(Albrecht, et al. , 2013 Uggla Lashgari, 2012 Hoffmann Coste-Maniere, 2012)Many luxury companies breakthrough the traditional product boundary and expensed their business into new foodstuff segmentations. For instanc e, Louis Vuitton, beginning with luggage, invested in other creative spheres ready-to-wear industry as well as jewellery trade (LVMH, 2012), and Gucci, beginning with leather goods, developed all sets of fashion products including leather goods, shoes, ready-to-wear, watches, jewellery and other products.(PPR, 2012). Meanwhile, there are some companies expensed segments into non-traditional orbit. For example, the luxury jewellery manufacture Bulgari and Italian brand Versace started to offer hotel under their brand (LVMH, 2012) and Armani provide diametrical products from books, furniture and chocolates to restaurants, bars and spas. The another Italian luxury brand, Roberro Cavalli, famous for its fashion apparel for young generation, offer wine and vodka as well as run coffee bar (The Cavalli Caffe) and club (The Cavalli Club). 2. 2.2 Striving for the Core The Product Strategy For a world(prenominal) corporate, it is common rules of development depend on the core production o r service and then diversification. However, even as diversification, the excellence core production and the strongest sectors within the luxury brands continued to earn the volume of its profits from the traditional products. (Ahrendts, 2013 Beverland, 2005 Miller Mills, 2012). For luxury consumer, they expect to acquire a honorable brands and product so that they emphase on the value of core inheritance.The leather goods, the core of Gucci Group, earn 59% of its revenue in 2012 (PPR, 2012). The iconic luggage is the tradition from the time corporate was founded and become the brand image of the LVMH Group. (LVMH, 2011) The turning of Burberry from a develop British brand to a orbiculate luxury brand is a successful product system transition. Before 2006, through in a burgeoning orbicular food trade. Burberry faced a low harvesting at a rate of 2 per centumage every year and two competitors LVMH and PPR had more than 12 generation and 16 times Burberrys sale revenue.B y surving the sectors among Burberry products all over the world, the results indicate the outerwear, as the core, plainly accourted of 20% of Burberrys global brand business. Figure 1 the Facts and Financial Statistics of Burberry (Resource from Burberry, Yahoo Finance) pic After brainstorm and formalizing from the administrative board, the New Jersey factore which is making polo shirts was closed and invested in the Casteford factory in Yorkshire which make the heritage trech coat included traditional rainwear and exclusive waterproof gabardine.Burberry also hire Chris nether Bailey as the global designer for innovation of core products. The facts and financial statistic of Burberry from 2006 to 2012 in Figure 1 showed that the decision to focus on the heritage undefended up a wealth of creativity. By the end of 2012, the sale revenues and operating income had doubled than previous(prenominal) 5 years, achieving $3 billion and $600 billion respectively. (Burberry, 2007 Burberry , 2012) 2. 2. 3 The Brand Reputation The Brand Strategy The brand is the close valuable part of luxury goods and the motivity of luxury employment.Once separating from the luxury brand, the goods is the ordinary one and only(a). each successful company sees the brand as the most valuable fortune. they use the advanced marketing logic and marketing operation to motivate the development, explore approaches to express the value and connotation of brands to luxury consumers and attract the royality of customers. As a tool of art, a carrier of history, and a spirit of crystalliseic, edifice-up a high quiality reputation is brand strategy for luxury companies.Since founded in 1847, Cartier, as one of the most established name in the jewellay market, is the beginning of ture and timeless luxury. Designing by Cartier, the product distinguishes itself by the peculiar skills and excellence in design and execution. or so in 30 years, the extensive art activities are not competitive wi thout the support by the Foundation Crtier pour lArt Contemporain (Richemont, 2013). With the development of brand reputation, Cartier is the synonym of modern art and a pioneering approach. Meanwhile, most of luxury brands come from the centre of Renaissance 2.3 The Features of Chinese Luxury Market Chinese market places the second place in the world of luxury economic consumption, surpassing the United States since 2008. Along with Japan, china is the strongest market with the increasing demand of 20 percentages. The consulting report from Glob Advantage estimate there are 18 thousand billionaires, 440 thousand multimillionaires and increasing the number of middle class achieving 250 million in 2015 in nowadayss China (Degen, 2009), which have the strong purchase power and need of luxury fashion industry. however with the influence of the financial crisis, the sale revenue of luxury fashion in the mainland China rose by 16 percent, reaching somewhat 64 billion RMB. The market research around Chinese market laid a foundation for the development and expansion strategy of luxury brands. The shifting attitudes to luxury brands, the greater sophistication of Chinese consumers and the new geographic markets have become the main features of Chinese luxury market. The three traits drive the global strategy of development for luxury brands. Figure 2.According to the survey of McKinsey Company (KPMG, 2013), with the quickly increase of income, more and more Chinese consumers shifts the attitude to luxury and feel comfortable to purchasing luxury products. The rich consumers which income over 300,000 RMB continued occupy the majority of the luxury purchase. Meanwhile, the statistics show that, the upper middle class ( mingled with 100,000 RMB and 200,000 RMB), which account for 22% of luxury goods purchase by the end of 2015, as the Figure 2 suggested, offers the biggest new growth opportunity. 2. 3. 1 The increasing number of overseas travel.In the information era, Chinese consumers have become more sophisticated than before. With the surge in the number of luxury stores, fashion magazine, the Web official rate and the use of social media, Chinese consumers familiar with the luxury brands with the help of Internet, overseas travel, and the first-hand experience. For example, the research result indicated that in the last 12 months, the Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macro and Europe become the main destinations of overseas luxury purchase. Figure 3 Where did you purchase your cosmetics in the last 12 months? (Resource from Global Reach of China Luxury of KPMG) pic 2. 3.2 The increase of new market segmentation The rapidly growth of urbanisation and individual wealth emerge large quantity of geographic markets with sizable pools of luxury-goods consumptions. The luxury purchase and sale revenue of some medium and clarified cities, such as Qingdao in Shandong province and Wuxi in Zhejiang province, tripled than the previous 5 years. In the following years, the luxury consumption in these medium and small cities will achieve the same level with Hangzhou and Nanjing, the most developed market in mainland China, the sale of which will arrive at RMB 500 million yuan and account for 76% of whole market.2. 3. 3 The increasing of Counterfeit goods Love for luxury, preference for counterfeit is a comical phenomenon in luxury consumption in Chinese luxury market. According to a report entitle Transnational Organized Crime in East Asia and the Pacific from Office on Drugs and Crime, almost 70% of global counterfeits luxury goods come from China and the value of counterfeit luxury goods imported into traditional luxury market on the order of $25 billion annually.In a confusion society , the luxury consumption of Chinese consumers become more irrationally than western consumer, which depended on the extenral need or else privileged need (Zhang Kim, 2013). For Chinese consumers, luxury brands are somethings must to have for them to rei nforce their social status. however, the wealth prison-breaking among the rich and the poor in China is the largest all over the world, which offer the passion for consumption of luxury counterfeits. The young generation, aged 25 to 34 with limited budget for genuine luxury fashion goods, racked up nearly a quarter fo fake fanciers.2. 4 The Passion for Luxury white plague of Chinese consumers China is the second largest luxury market all over the world and attracting the attention of consumption of Chinese consumers. Under the influence of unique economic situation, pagan background and social factor, the behaviour of Chinese consumers in luxury fashion market have the distinctive characteristics. The bling factor influenced by economic situation, the pitch face affected by the Confucianism and group orientation as the social factor drive the luxury consumption in Chinese fashion market. 2.4. 1 The Bling Factor With the emerging of Internet, fashion magazines and social media, more and more Chinese consumers know the brands of luxury brands. However, the ethnical concept and history of the luxury fashion brands are far away from numbers of Chinese luxury consumers. For many luxury fashion firms, there is not one typical luxury customer in China due to the antithetical habits, different tastes and different income levels. The bling factor or following the whole market write out remains an important factor for the Chinese consumer in luxury fashion market.For example, according to luxury consumer report of Chinese market, almost 60 percent of the respondents in Tier 1 cities including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and other Tier 2 cities, stated that the key drivers for luxury consumption is the willingness to pay a product that just is popular or fashionable goods. Exclusivity or unique is an important understanding of luxury brand for Chinese consumption. There are about one one-fifth of customers consider that they will pay the luxury goods t hat are known and appreciated by the minority rather than the famous one.In terms of Chinas unique cultural background, the Chinese consumers consider luxury brand value influenced by Confucianism. In the concept of Confucian, the notion of mianzi is defined as a reputation achieved through getting on in through success and ostentation. (Hu, 1944 Dong Lee, 2007) The traditional cultural understanding and effecting about the face saving becomes the strongest and most conspicuous passion for luxury consumption, which means concerning about the impress to other and the visual display than the level of income.The Chinese consumer in luxury world trend to pay a premium product on the luxury brand rather than essential goods in daily life, due to strong desire and pressure of maintaining face. Taking the finding of KPMG as the example, comparing with the apparel, the stronger growth of market for fashion accessories is considerable. Nearly 40% of luxury consumers enjoy the luxury experie nces and the right of luxury in a physical store/shop over purchases of luxury items.Overall, the face saving (saving mianzi) relates to the individual image of worth and reputation within a collectivism society. As the result, Chinese consumers are often deliberate not to lose face by standing out from the crowed when consuming luxury goods. The general strategy Although the market has its particular features, the development of luxury fashion strategy in Chinese luxury market is followed the general rules of luxury firms in global market. As the foundation strategy, the brand extension and production diversification also provide the base of the development in Chinese luxury market.The apparel, handbag, jewellery, fashion accessories and luxury servicers are offered in mainland China, especially in Tier 1 cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Promoting the sale revenue of the core products in mainland China, as the product strategy, enhances the brand awareness in Chinese m arket. Expanding the influence, luxury fashion firms invest large amount of money to popularize the brand reputation as a simple of elegance and vastness as well as the means of fashion and art. The marketing strategy raising brand awareness. collect to the lower brand awareness and lack of knowledge of brand value, the royalty of brand in Chinese market is lower than its in traditional European market. The special situation provides a strong externally powerful tool, which means not simply expand the value of the luxury brand into a weak group of consumers, but also sway them making a purchase. In recent year, luxury fashion firm invest increasing the number of budget into Chinese market not only upraise the brand awareness, but also help the consumers inform a notion about luxury goods and luxury lifestyle and why they should purchase luxury goods and luxury services.The brand building-up develop based not only the advertising on hard paper and television, also included the d isplay on luxury goods sight and the customised publications. Nowadays, more and more luxury fashion goods exhibition held in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities, which offer a good opportunity for Chinese consumers to visit the luxury goods frequently displayed in store. Meanwhile, more and more consumers see the exhibition are not an onlooker. The localisation strategyThe luxury fashion brand with high brand awareness contain the European and American culture and value which is living standard of high level, the product and design of high quality. Those values accepted by and attract young generation who trend to, however, it is not accepted by all Chinese consumers who have their own value. Respecting to Chinese traditional culture and unified it into the product value is the essential of luxury fashion business in China.For example, Louis Vuitton setting Du Juan, the one of top Chinese model all over the world, and advertising as the Chinese image step one right place on direc tion and help western luxury fashion companies overcome the cultural barriers. This kind of strategy could build up strong attachments among Chinese consumers and help them accepted the unique characteristic of luxury fashion brands. The pricing strategy Price is one of the most significant signals in Chinese business world. For most Chinese consumers, price represented the value of luxury fashion goods.As a result, the luxury fashion products should not go on discount, no matter what the consumer is. The pricing strategy about goods, especially about core products, could bolster a brands prestige. For other items, companies could adjust the price according to the market condition and the inventory in order to long-term brand building. The retailing strategy A stupendous store belongs to the luxury fashion company located in the luxury area build up a sense of important and identified by the market.The luxury fashion billet enhanced if the boutiques are visible to a lot of consumer in major fashion cities. The landmark stores opened in Chinese Tier 1 cities, such as Beijing, Hangzhou and Guangzhou, are the crush locations to building the brand image and attracting the target customer groups. The commercial centres and shopping malls in luxury area are welcomed by most of fashion lovers, luxury followers and luxury intellectuals.Meanwhile, the investment on the landmark store is the best and effective way to generate profits and build-up brand royalty. In an Internet era, shopping online has become the major shopping way, especially for the young people. Although most luxury fashion companies have shied away from online channels due to the fearing that e-commerce might reduce the value of the luxury brand. However, for a long-term return and brand building, online platform provides not only a purchase channel, but also an information exchange channel between luxury fashion brand and Chinese consumers.With the developing of GDP and individual income of consume rs, the global luxury fashion market and such the emerging market as China, have become the strategic focus of luxury market researcher and the consult company. This report attempts to identify development strategy of the luxury fashion brand, especially in mainland China market through the analysis of the change of global luxury fashion brand, overview of Chinese luxury market and the passion for luxury consumption.All those factors were identified depend on a comprehensive check up on of luxury fashion goods related researches and market consulting reports. The findings of this study provide a new insight of global and Chinese luxury fashion market for the consumers who interests the luxury fashion brand and a clear strategy guide for market managers of the luxury fashion firms, particular in the time of the company expand their business in mainland China. In addition, the study helps reduce the risks and costs of market research and helps the company overcome the grand gap in a multicultural business environment.First, the findings about the global luxury fashion market and the general development strategy in luxury fashion market all over the world indicated that the achieving the growth while remaining exclusive positioning, and attracting more consumers without losing cachet of brand value is the core strategy for every luxury corporates. The more loyal consumers may weaken due to the popular brands launched in the market because they choose pay a premium goods that majority and identified by small group.Consequently, the balance between growth and unique, the price and quality may be tougher in China than in any other market. However, customization develops quickly as the new trend of luxury fashion industry. The customizing activities have launched in different business sectors, but which is yet adopted by the luxury industry on a board. At presents, the customization just limited on the area of fashion accessories, apparel, handbags, and jewellery, and emphasising on customizing standard products, point of delivery customization and service and producing custom-built goods.Secondly, the increasing the number of consumers, overseas traveller, new market segments and the counterfeits goods have become the main features in the Chinese luxury fashion market in recent years. The features are important of stress the benefits of investment in mainland China. Based on the research findings, supranational marketers should setting extension strategy that is coherent with branding, merchandising and global image by serving Chinas globetrotting shoppers, striking the balance between store numbers and quality and focusing anti-counterfeit goods.For Chinese globetrotting shoppers, the customer relationship management should emphasis global view rather than on mainland China. In the view of higher management board, the corporate organisational structure of the luxury fashion company should reflect the significant of Chinese market by sorti ng up the processes for generating direct communication between Chinese luxury consumers and the home headquarter. Based on the new market segmentation, the luxury company should lift current stores and outlets in order to keep consistent with the global image and emphasis on the business in Tier 1 cities.As the market statistics indicated that the luxury counterfeit goods have become the barriers for development in China, including seizing sale revenue and weakening brand value. Luxury fashion companies should co-operate with customs officials to seclude fake goods at ports. Working with international national organisation or international associations should be the troika path for anti-counterfeit activities. The co-operation should ranges from such international associations as World Intellectual Property to regional groups like US-focused International Anti-Counterfeits Coalition.Thirdly, the research findings about the passions for Chinese luxury fashion consumption indicate d that the bling customers who lack of knowledge about luxury fashion goods or just following the trend account of a part of Chinese luxury consumers. Besides that, Chinese luxury consumption deeply influenced by saving faces and group orientation, which are the part of traditional Confusion value. Targeting different drivers of luxury consumption, managers should have different strategies.For the bling customers, the global luxury firms should invest in improving the brand awareness and expanding the brand value, which could offer a global opportunity to attracting potential customers and building loyalty and repeat customer groups. For the consumers who care about saving face, International luxury fashion markers should clear the outline of visual and outward appearance of rank and status when unfolding their marketing activities. Meanwhile, the companies should emphasise the brands country of origin, so the Chinese consumers have the confident to identified and distinguished wit h other mass products.In addition, the package of luxury goods also need to be recognisable in order to fit the moderate and lifestyle associated with Chinese consumers. Furthermore, in light of the results about group orientation, the management board company should stress the profit of luxury fashion goods as a symbol of social marker and the sale assistants inspire consumer purchases because of the goods could generate a sense of group belonging and conformity of the elite. Due to the group belonging, a special attention should be given to the layout of the physical store and the luxury service of sale staff.No matter who is the consumer, friends will be involved during the decision making process and become potential consumers in the future. Proving high-quality services and creating luxury experience for non-buyers also benefit for making sure that the brand accepted by group and that the consumer does not stand out from others. Finally, about the current expansion strategy in mainland China market, most of luxury fashion companies emphasis the strategy on marking, localization, pricing and retailing coherent with the global business aims.Raising brand awareness and expressing the luxury lifestyle lay the foundation of marketing strategy. In order to respect to Chinese traditional culture, luxury brands should integrate Chinese culture and art into design, package, and store layout of products, which accepted easily by Chinese consumers in different social class. Meanwhile, the research findings indicated that the price is the most important factor which influenced Chinese luxury consumption. Luxury marketers should balance the price between Chinese market and overseas.As for the retailing strategy, the luxury brand stresses the developing of boutiques store and the setting up online distribution channels. However, there are several special attention should be given to price gap between China and overseas, and the online distribution channels. On one hand , comparing with that rarely go on discount in mainland China, the luxury fashion goods is often at a discount at overseas, especially for the non-core products and in the time of Christmas or Summer Sale.On the other hand, the high rate of assess and fees raise up the price of luxury fashion goods in mainland China. According to the law and regulations in China, a luxury fashion goods, such as the pith cream of Estee Lauder native to the UK, is imported into Chinese market with 10% import tariff, 30% consumption tax, 5% sales tax and 17% value-add tax. Including the managing fees, advertising costs and other issues, the price of the eye cream is double in the UK.In the respect of the luxury company, the appreciate discount in Chinese market could promote the desire of consumption and boost the sale revenue in the respect of tax policy makers in mainland China, reducing the rate of import tariff and consumption tax of international luxury fashion goods could Finally, luxury fashio n goods, as a subject of nature, play different or scenarios, different income level, education background, and social economic factors, as well as exam the type of relationship that seek from luxury fashion brands.On the view of passions for luxury consumption, there are many other drivers, such as collection, appreciation, should take the consideration into further research.

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The Information Technology skills Essay Example for Free

The reading Technology skills try onIt is clear to me how University of Phoenix convenient and efficient program lineal computer programme designed for running(a) pros, has helped me grow. I appear tremendous change and development in myself. I take over non provided matured in person and professionally, but sop up in leaveition grown to moot in orderly goals and motives with deference to my existence. My conduct has been organized and I gibe greater potential for my progress. The outlook of the entire university, dedicated to the success of its students, may be viewed promptly in who I am as compared to who I was before joining the BS of Information Technology program. When I started the program at University of Phoenix, my professional attitude was unseas angiotensin-converting enzymed. I was an unsure person, someone who had non matured. My humble and uninformed self did not allow me to think much of my life. I had briefly dreamt of change state a graphi c designer. However, I had wrongly imagined that I would not go too far. My mind was regulate at persuasion that I might bring to do with unsuitable line of descents. What else are high check graduates supposed to do? I did not aspire to be great or hold howling(a) goals for my career. My goals were in fact, not many. I only desired to keep myself employed. My fellowship base was limited.I was raw. To that end, I am absolutely honest to claim that I knew little or nothing near the things I hire learned at the University of Phoenix. K this instantledge has been added on to my life at a rapid tempo with this great program. earlier this, life could gainm sluggish to me as an unaware person. At take a shit, I did not consider myself a professional. I did not even present myself as such. I was simply working holding a job because one has to do that in this uncertain world. I would describe my opus skills before the program as ranging from bad to good. This is one of the area s where I arrive roll in the hayd drastic change.Besides, I instantly have extremely different views about myself and my career. My verbal communication skills before the program may also be described as varying from bad to good. With less confidence, the way I presented myself was simply poor. I did not grasp at the epoch that professionally, one moldiness appear assertive and full to get the work done. At present, I like to view myself as a thorough professional. My vital thinking skills before the program were good. All the same, my Critical thought process (PHL/251) general statement course worked wonders to burnish my skills.It was for this reason that I had chosen the course. I believe that my decision was absolutely correct. After all, critical thinking is crucial in both individualised and professional life. My inter own(prenominal) skills were al ways excellent, according to my opinion. This is because I believe in people, trust them, and wish to know more about t hem in order to be of tending to them. I chose the general education course called U. S. History to 1865 (HIS/110) because I was deeply interested in agreement the mechanics of tender-hearted relationships, as well as the causes and effects of human decisions. learnedness about U. S. invoice was essential, seeing that the people I share my space with do also share the same history. Hence, I believed unconsciously that I would be able to improve myself in my relations with others if I studied human history. Once again, my decision to opt for this general education course was correct, seeing that I now plow even more effectively in my personal and professional relationships. The most important core courses with respect to my employment were Critical Thinking Strategies in Decision Making (MGT/350) and Project Planning and Implementation (CMGT/410).I opted for these courses because I believe that professionals who know the functions of management are always more successful than th e rest. Furthermore, these courses helped me to assimilate my ideas about team hears as well as leadership. I further believe that all professionals must be armed with knowledge of management, even if this knowledge is specialized in terms of Information Technology. What is more, decision makers, project planners and implementers must always bear in mind the people connected with the decisions and projects.Indeed, this idea connected with my venerate for people and interest in human relations. Moreover, I now connect better with the people at my workplace, and truly attend more about the mechanics of decision making and project planning as well as implementation. One of the terminal objectives of my program was, of course, for me to mature into a successful individual in my professional life. Even at my current organization General Mills, where I presently work as a Network Engineer development and innovation are priorities as well as major(ip) targets.Hence, both the Universit y of Phoenix and General Mills have contributed to my current upsurge or growth. But the job without the education at University of Phoenix would definitely not be as good as it is at present. At this time, however, my job is a huge part of who I am and who I want to be. The program at University of Phoenix has really been a great source of inspiration for me. Employment may have helped me go on living. But the education here has helped me to live life fully, to enjoy my work and to be proper in all respects.It has shown me the way to live life in a way that is better, not in force(p) to live as I may have heard others living. Life does not just drag on anymore. It is full of enthusiasm and anticipation for a bright present and future. I am applying the tools that I have learned through the University of Phoenix, and at that place is hope to use them in better ways to achieve higher goals. I am eager to learn even more of that which would help me along. Learning should be a life-l ong process so that ones intellectual powers do not rust. Before the program, it was as though I, as a resource, was underutilized.Now I feel fully functional. Just as General Mills thrives on research and development, I see myself flourishing with an increase in my knowledge base and the utilization of my mental resources to their fullest capacity. The Information Technology skills learned by me through the program at University of Phoenix are incomparable to anything I have ever been taught. I feel more grown-up now because of what this program has done for me. I have been shown much of my potential. It seems that I have learned a view and there is excitement in me now to know more. Life does not seem like dark employment anymore.I enjoy my personal and professional life much more now that I have been a part of the University of Phoenix. As far as my ethical outlook is concerned, I see no change between the past and the present, and I do not see it changing either. My set have n ot changed. My self-esteem has increased because the way I see myself has changed. Whereas I may have been covered by darkness in my mind, I now see myself in the light, capable of doing much, maintaining goals, and absent to do all that is good. I certainly have become advanced in my professional attitude.With regards to my personal attitude, I even walk more confidently now and that has a serious affect upon my professionalism too. At work, I have to be responsible, knowing and showing that I after part make it right and to the result. It is as though I have been cultivated and I know what I am doing now. My career views have changed so much that whereas I had seen myself doing basic jobs and not going too far in my professional life before I joined University of Phoenix, now I feel confident and able to be the leader at work. I feel that the axiom the sky is the limit is working in my life now.Earlier I may have thought that it is impossible to have such an attitude unless one s performance was really marvelous. But this program has been about toilsome to do ones best and fulfilling ones potential. It has made me open my eyes and view the world out there full of possibilities for a bright human universe wanting to do more and wanting to do what is excellent. I feel capable of reaching the top of my company now. Furthermore, now that I have had a glimpse of my highest potential, I also feel self-assured and competent enough to be at the top of another organization, if not my present company.A part of this newly found confidence in me is a result of observation. Even so, the knowledge that has been imparted to me with the wonderful Information Technology program takes most of the credit for my motive today. Resonant with my new goals is the fact that my knowledge base has grown impressively. I now know not only that which is taught at undergraduate level in my field, but I am also seen by others as a better professional. My professional sense is increasi ng, signaling that I must continue trying to do better. I do not see the way down now.What is more, I am now able to hold professional presentations and meetings with high level professionals at General Mills. I am also more interested in my work at present. Over the next five years, my professional and personal attitudes may become more refined. I hope to become more mature and confident. I now understand how learning more can make one grow. I do not only want to continue learning, but I also want to continue growing until I can become a self-actualized individual. I wish to develop my ability to move to higher levels in my career through greater productivity.My goal is to be my best and also to be the very best in others opinion. I would like to attend a graduate program. I have so greatly and positively been influenced by the undergraduate program at University of Phoenix that I hunger for more of education. I understand to an extent how much it can do for me. Before the program, I did not think much of education besides the fact that it is necessary to a certain level. But because I have been working and noticing the changes that education brings into my professional life, I long to gather more knowledge.Education is directly related to success. I approve the changes higher education has brought to my life and I welcome this fantastic transformation on an ongoing basis. Thinking is the basis of our actions, and if the undergraduate program at University of Phoenix could do so much for my life and attitudes, I cannot yet imagine where a graduate program might put me with regards to my professional position. I posit more guidance for the future though, to be specific about what I would really do. I see the possibilities laid open before me, but which way do I really go? more ways seem important.Perhaps I would settle for an MBA. In any case, I would have want the University of Phoenix to better assist me in getting to the right place at the right time in future. To get a clearer sense of my educational goal at present, I may have to go for education counseling. I would like to recommend at this point that the University of Phoenix should incorporate an extensive education counseling program for its students. Over the next five years, I wish to grow to have more business sense. This may happen through higher education and additional years of experience at work.In point of fact, I would like to improve in all spheres of my life, and in the areas of my being that are good now, I would like to keep a balance whereby I do not drift to the low side of things. With my new outlook, I feel ready to take responsibility to add value to the world, even if it is solely by way of doing my job well and showing others that honesty, hard work and learning can go a long way. I feel worthwhile now and am prepared to continue struggling through life with zeal. When life gets slothful, I know what I must do to change that and to be promoted learn. I must continue learning.