Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Social Psychology Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Social Psychology - Assignment ExampleConsequently, I seldom participated in get together or other social activities conducted within school premise by my class-fellows. It is therefore, the boys and girls considered me as a very temperamental, unpredictable and arrogant person. One of my girl class-fellows, called Sandy, was very down in the mouth and lively student. She looked like a tom-boy, and participated in sports and games, and every mischief observed by the naughty students. She did not like such a book worm like me, and always displayed her disliking for too much take apart and no play in quite an innocent mode. She cited psychological causes that led humans towards isolation and depict the reasons behind leading the l binglely life. Lonely people have an intense longing to be require and wanted by someone else. Some people suffer from loneliness from time to time, and for some its a daily way of life. Most lonely people wear the affects of it on their face with a sad c ontinence or a dejected look. (Nicely, 2008 1) But it was not the case actually rather, I wanted to spend most of my time in the world of literature, colors and imagination. I even had no care regarding the views my class-mates maintained about me.Time was passing with its usual flow, and everything appeared to be routine matter. Then one day one single event made revolutionary changes in my life. It was a pleasant April morning, when the obstetrical delivery contest was going to be held at school level. One student from 7th to 10th ground floor could participate in the contest. I was one of the spectators, when I found my class-teacher in a perplexed state. On enquiry, I came to know that the contester from our class was absent from the school and there was no one to represent our class. Since everyone knew that I had vast knowledge of almost all topics, the teacher requested me to represent the class. After little hesitation, I stepped forward and spoke at

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