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Study of Religion Learning Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Study of Religion Learning Journal - Essay ExampleIn my own opinion, I dont think its possible for a person to suspend his or her own background, socialization and beliefs just because they ar studying apparitional data. This is because sometimes, whether people atomic number 18 aware or not, sometimes its likely for their subconscious to sway them towards a particular direction even if they want to think and belief they are unbiased. Although sometimes there may be a possibility of persons thought being in line with the issue at hand, it happens to be a genuinely rare occurrence. My opinion is strengthened after reviewing the behavior of individuals who are covered in Randall Studstill Journal of eliade, Phenomenology and the Sacred, which mainly looks at those who were after presenting religion as being false (Amstrong, 2004). Phenomenology refers to the internal structures of consciousness. As the author suggests, the relationship between people to a sacred being will be base d upon the persons existential condition, the qualities of the sacred being he believes in, his openness to the environment around him and the mediation of experience through specific sacred tokens. On this perspective indeed, scholars and religious learners will not be left out and although they may focus on proving that there is no God, they may be still connected to a particular sacred being which will affect their interpretation of religious data (Cox, 2010). Eliade looks at religion as a concept that engages the sacred and the supernatural. harmonize to him, the reductionist theories are not sensible and this makes him refer to the timeless forms of ideas which are present in all parts of the world without a regard to their history. harmonize to the author, there is causal relationship between the most basic elements of the human condition and their basic experiences. Since our religious attitudes arise out of our knowledge of the universe, even religious scholars will respo nd to situations in accordance with their knowledge of the universe, which is defined by their socialization, background and beliefs. Even though scholars who are atheists may not identify themselves to God, they certainly have a religious symbol within which they identify themselves with and that defines their interpretation of the society and the universal problems that face humility. Humanity will always identify them with a particular religious symbol which helps them to have a better inner interpretation of the environment around them and to appreciate the mysteries of nature. Separating oneself from your background, socialization and beliefs when interpreting religion is therefore impossible, since through their religious symbols, they become part of a normal society (Studstill, 2000). 2. Newer Anthropologies Related To Culture Clifford Geertz and Evans-Pritchard According to Geetz, religion is simply a system of symbols which acts towards establishing goodly and pervasive mo tivations and moods in men that are long lasting. Religion is able to achieve this through formulating and redefining conceptions with factuality, which makes the moods and motivations to appear realistic (Asad, 1993). According to Geetz, the concept of a symbol is critical because it aids in knowing the essence of religion. On this note, he defines a symbol as an act, event, quality or relation whose purpose is to depict meanings, and therefore results to systems of symbols that lie outside a particular being. Pritchard and Geertz bring out a religious theory that resolves on religious beliefs as being playing area to a person

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