Saturday, June 8, 2019

Budget Measures Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Budget Measures - Essay ExampleA relaxing environment contributes to the well-being of a patient.Food - An External Caterer seemed to be a wiser alternative compared to an internal facility. An internal facility seemed too luxurious and could probably promote patients not eating on time. Aside from being less expensive, an out-of-door caterer would make the dining area to a greater extent spacious. A larger eating area can house more patients so that they could eat together and thus promote interaction among one another. In the case of patients getting hungry between meals, the center still offers a facility for cooking light refreshments.Medication - Although much expensive, an Automatic Dispenser is more accurate. With the automatic dispenser residents can be traced they have indeed obtained their required medicine. And since they are the barely ones who know their individual codes it is easy to check if they have complied with specific dosage regimen.Recreation - I checked Recre ation Area, Library, and the TV Room. Recreation is essential to ones convalescence from illness and trauma. The sports area will submit effective wellness and fitness programs for the residents. The upgraded amenities offered by the Library will be for leisure and also for acquirement process. A TV Room would be great for entertainment. These facilities will provide the patient with a sound mind, sound body. I left out the conveyance of title because the residents wouldnt always be going out for a leisure trip and the two new vans can only accommodate 30 passengers and 12 wheelchairs. perhaps renting transportation for occasional trips is wiser.Communication - I chose Dedicated Telephone everywhere Internet Access because profit access is very expensive. If residents need internet services, they can access the web in the library. In addition, communication over the telephone is much clearer as compared to the internetMiscellaneous - I chose to install an strait System becaus e soothing music is proven to contribute to the wellbeing of persons in any environment specially in a health care facility. up(p) the Interior Decoration will encourage the resident to stay outside the room and mingle with other residents. Social interaction is proven advantageous. But I left out Furnishing because it is unwise. Perhaps it is more appropriate for particular residents to furnish their individual rooms at their additional expense.My decision for the accommodation proved to be a good one as it caters the need of a larger part of the private payer population. The $3.3 million was wisely utilized for the expansion plan. With concerns to food, external catering was not a good decision. I guess I failed to consider the preference of the age group to flexible dining time especially when their families come to visit them. Medication through an automatic dispenser was also not a good decision. I should have researched more about it before preferring it over Common Inventor y. Also it was unwise not to purchase new vans as these vans are aimed to provide the patients comfort while traveling.Anyway, I was right not opting to provide each room with a computer. The evaluation said that it was also a good idea to repaint the walls and provide the rooms and the corridors with paintings. I was also illuminate on deciding not to purchase new furnishings because it was very expensive and unnecessary.

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