Thursday, June 13, 2019

Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning Case Study

Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning - Case Study ExampleOther criteria that will be considered is the frequency and sustainability of each market while the need for ornamental art might be erratic, a long advertising campaign would provide a much more stable demand and is therefore a more profitable market.Related products can be grouped initially into commercial and non-commercial. commercial products are mostly composed of advertising and similar graphics, which can be further broken up into long-term advertising campaigns, singular advertisements, and miscellaneous items. Non-commercial products would entangle decorative artwork and illustrated content. Products are defined mostly by the need for the products that are produced by the aforementioned creative person. Purchasing habits, as dictated by influences much(prenominal) as socio-economic status, demographics, location, and other psychologically-influenced factors will also be taken into account.The commercial art would mostly be targeted at business and advertising agencies. As the artist in question has a degree, he is therefore more likely to be hired by an advertising agency or business for long-term campaigns. This makes long-term campaigns the most profitable market, as individual art for businesses can be sporadic. Also, singular advertisements are not so dependent on the promise that the artist has a degree, making it a less-profitable, though still original, market.Ornamental and content-based artwork will be a secondary market. Ornamental artwork and content-based artwork can be sold to individuals. The price range required in order to make decorative artwork profitable as a primary limits the market to wealthier individuals, but as a secondary market, there is opportunity for smaller works to be offered to culturally-aware individuals throughout the upper- and middle-class. Also, there is significant competition in this field, which makes it a less profitable market. Content-based art work, which includes web-based art

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