Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Early childhood learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Early childhood learning - Essay ExampleCognitive development helps children in improving in areas such as music, art, mathematics, logical reasoning, recognition of symbols and manipulative skills. These types of areas improve the mental capabilities of children and help them in learning more though different forms.At very early age, children must be taught how to behave socially. Developing social and personal aspects includes learning through self-concept, temperament, aggression, stereotypes and different stages of social behaviour. every person has to encounter with different situations and different people in life, therefore early development in these areas help children to deal with such people and situations with a comfort subject position.Physical Development is as important as any other area because without proper health and hygiene children would not be able to concentrate and give best of efforts. Physical development can be attained by incorporating healthier food, spor ts and restful sleep in childrens workaday routine.Generally, there is very less attention paid to this area which is the most important of all. If a child is taught to spend a substantial time in grooming and enhancing the spiritual areas than there is a chance that it will become a major part and something of considerable importance to him. Spiritual grooming is inbred as it is necessary to detach one from the worldly things and to give some time to the nourishment of ones inner

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