Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Personal Leadership Development Plan Assignment

Personal leadership Development Plan - Assignment ExampleOn the other hand, people have the have inhalations, lots have a firm vision that they follow with dedication and motivation. Successful leaders in the human being of business, politics and other definitive dimensions are those that are motivated and driven by the beauty of their dreams (Jasper 12). It is important to realize that having dream is one thing and following it is another thing. In this case, the beauty of a dream is not in how good it sounds, but in the steps being taken towards its actualization (Field and Phil 29). In this case, it is always important that a person augment a path upon which he has to follow severely in achieving the dream. This calls for the development of assessment strategy and plan in order to use it in the handle of achieving stand outlence in the identified dream, this paper examines the strategies I have developed in order develop a personal leadership plan that will enable me actu alize my dream.2.Background informationCurrently, I am still a junior taking my undergraduate studies where I am majoring in Pharmacy. My interests remain to excel and get an admission in Purdue University, where I hope to advance my studies and achieve my professional goals. During the summer holiday, I intend to use my time to offer my services, working at the CVS pharmacy until my time of graduation.

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