Sunday, May 5, 2019

Environmental Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Environmental Economics - Essay ExampleRagweed plants are not native to europium but were imported into the continent from America in the 19th century (Borenstein).According to the study author Robert Vautard, a scientist at the Climate and Environment Sciences Laboratory in Yvette, ragweed are not nonetheless spread across the continent but they will have covered most parts by 2050 (Borenstein). According to Robert, some parts of the United Kingdom, France, and Germany do not have the deadly allergens. According to Daniel Chapman, a species expert at Center for Ecology and Hydrology in Edinburgh, the sum up in temperatures and carbon dioxide in the strain will enable ragweed to be more active thus spreading further north. Although he did not participate in the study, Chapman praised the study and stated that the number of allergic sufferers will definitely increase (Borenstein).By using computer simulations with varying concentrations of carbon dioxide, the researchers estimate d that if the amount of emissions from oil, coal, and gas are not trim down as expected, there will be annual pollen increase of 100 to 1100 percent (Borenstein). According to Vaudart, the study, which was simulate for 35 years, shows that the average increase in pollen concentration will be 300 percent. In access to that, Vaudart added that only one third of the increased ragweed is caused by land use and the manner in which these plants take over new territories. The rest of the ragweed increase is mainly caused by climate interchange (Borenstein).According to earlier research and studies, ragweed season for pollen grain dissemination has extended its duration by around three weeks in North America mainly due to climate change (Borenstein). Michael Kolian, a US Environmental Protection Agency scientist stated that the new study matches with previous studies and US field Climate Assessment which established that climate change and the

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