Wednesday, September 25, 2019

What do you feel is an appropriate balance between being successful Essay

What do you feel is an appropriate balance between being successful financially and the need to serve others by giving back - Essay Example Being successful financially is really a huge achievement but fixing an aim to only spend that money on your self, is that a big deal, a genuine feat? There is not a single way to create wealth and enlarge it, there is a huge literature concerning this. In fact there are countless people in this world who have no real ideas about their fortunes, but the ones who remember to give back to the community, they are not so very common. There is nothing like donating a chunk out of that huge pie to someone dying of hunger. Only a little generosity is required on part of all of us and a miraculous change can be produced in no time. That is my perspective when talking about what I plan to do with my wealth. Be it a small team or a big conglomerate, being successful economically and financially needs social responsiveness to be keenly observed. This is the demand of the present global economy. Taking care about who actually needs to be helped out is another big issue. One’s hard-earned fortune should carefully be devoted to those who intend to use that money in order to better their situations. The point is, if the process of ‘giving back’ is only applicable when one has finally established a stable business or if it is a life-long process applicable at any point? I think this is not just about donating a few dollars, giving back can also be about engaging oneself in useful volunteer work. In fact taking time out and making some destitute old man living in some old home, feel that he is not all alone in the world and bringing a smile to his face, that is also about giving back. One cannot limit oneself to giving back by the aid of some dollars, since it is also about whether one can bring any real change in the life of deserving people that can make them live again. Self-consciousness is the right motive for creating a positive balance between being

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