Thursday, September 26, 2019

Management Communication- Change Management Report Assignment

Management Communication- Change Management Report - Assignment Example ement implementation; and the final step involves any corrective action, which needs to be taken to remove gaps in the process (Lattuch and Young, 2011). The purpose of this project is to discuss ways in which changes in the management of a company can be effectively communicated to the employees. In this case, the company is about to make some changes in the senior level management and some staff will also be added to the organization. These thoughts of change are creating disruptions in workplace conditions as some of the workers fear that this change may affect them adversely. As a result, the workers are losing their confidence in the organization and productivity of the company might be hampered. In this context, the change management planning process, organizational activities as well as communication and implementation tactics are to be discussed. Firstly, there are certain positive changes that the company wants to incorporate. This is only possible if the existing structure of senior management is altered as analysts of the company strongly believe that this will be essential in realizing the new goals. Secondly, organizational development (OD) is expected to be achieved through a humanistic approach by relying on human potential. This is the reason why the company wants to add new human resource to its existing base. Organizational development implies the change, which an organization goes through in order to survive and thrive. Change management for organizational development is the way in which decision makers manage changes that are necessary for facilitating organizational development. The first step of achieving organizational development is to create a well-structured plan for the task. Bullock and Batten (1985) has come up with a four phased model of planned change, which can be broken up into exploration, planning, action and integration. The model includes two broad steps, namely the process of change (describing the way in which an

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