Monday, October 7, 2019

Report from the Internship placement supervisor Essay

Report from the Internship placement supervisor - Essay Example In the task performance, she showed a great desire to learn more from other fellow work mates. She used all her ability of independent thinking and critical analysis whenever she wanted to solve any practical problem. In her journey of internship she got associated with the Guangzhou Residential Furnishing of Ming and Qing Dynasties where she learned so much about the behaviour of the tourists and the reasons why they visit specific sites. She was able to gain a lot of knowledge about the lifestyle of the people of Guangzhou a long with furnished furniture that they most use. She applied her practical skill to refurnish the furniture that were used by the people of the Guangzhou to give them a new look than the previous one. She participated in improving and making unique gates, designers fine glasses as well as curved screens. As a result she gained a wide range of knowledge and skills that she acquired through communicating with other people. While undertaking her duties, she was v ery flexible to employ her skills in solving any practical problem that may arise while at the job. She pioneered innovative spirits whenever she worked, she was very fast at accepting any thing that was new through her constructive thinking to be able to employ her own ideas and visions. One of her favourite areas of operation while undertaking her internship was ingenious exhibition where she perform majorly the task of craftsmanship and creativity. She explored her creative knowledge on various innovative items including canton embroidery collection. She performed all her duties with a lot of intelligence and as a result she got a good reputation with most of her workmates and even with her leaders. She never provided any kind of excuse while at the job and she was ever punctual in reporting for work. She is a character that co-exist well with other

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