Tuesday, October 22, 2019

How to Write an Impressive Follow Up Email After Your Interview

How to Write an Impressive Follow Up Email After Your Interview The job hunt has so many parts, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You need to decide what where you want your career to go, find jobs you might want, create a cover letter and resume, apply, and then hopefully get called in for an interview. Hooray! But then you have to prep for your interview, show up on time, charm the pants off the interviewer†¦ and then head home, collapse in a heap on the couch, and heave a sigh of relief, right? Not quite. Add one step in at the end there- a crucial one that will let future employers know you have the professionalism and class that would make them proud to have you as a member of their team. It goes back to what you learned when you were a toddler, and it’s still important: you have to say thank you!Thanking an interviewee for their time and consideration is polite and considerate, and lets them know you care enough about the job to follow up until the end of the process. Your follow up email or thank you note should be short, di rect, and filled with points here and there that drive home the fact you would be ideal for the job they’re offering.Check out the ideal thank you letter below from Lifehack, marked up to show you exactly why its so good and how it makes a solid final impression.

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