Friday, October 4, 2019

How is shopping on the internet different from and similar to shopping Essay

How is shopping on the internet different from and similar to shopping in stores - Essay Example Many stores as well as online shops provide the customers with a guarantee for the product for a certain period of time, during which the product can be replaced if it turns out to be inefficient or faulty. Store shopping is quicker and more convenient than the online shopping. The customer can go to the market any time, purchase the item and bring it along back to the home at the same time (â€Å"Traditional Vs. Online†). This way, the customer is able to save all the time that would otherwise have been consumed in shipping. Store shopping is also more convenient than the online shopping in terms of replacement. If the product purchased is damaged, the customer can quickly go and have it replaced without having to wait for several days in the case of online shopping. Online shopping is safer as compared to the store shopping. Items purchased online are insured and the companies take responsibility for full replacement in case of any damage caused to the item on its way to the customer. On the other hand, when a customer purchases an item from the store, he brings it home at his/her own discretion. The item may be robbed or stolen once it has been taken out from the store. Online shopping is also safer than the store shopping because the customer is not exposed to the risk of accidents on the roads. Online shopping proves more cost effective as compared to the store shopping. When a customer stays at home, he/she only shops the item he/she needs. When he/she goes to a store to buy a thing, there are a lot of attractions that encourage the customer to spend money on. A customer hardly ever returns without taking a light meal at the nearby restaurant or a cupcake shop that comes in the way. Concluding, online shopping and the store shopping resemble and differ from each other in a number of ways. While the two are the same in terms of the method of payment, the range of items and the responsibility for their

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