Thursday, October 17, 2019

Cultural Influences on Communication in Groups Assignment - 1

Cultural Influences on Communication in Groups - Assignment Example This is because if a house has a good athlete for a game, then there are very high chances of him/ her winning the gold and thus earning points for the house, which might culminate into the house winning the House Cup. Once a consensus of the representatives was reached on what had to be included then it would be approved by the patron of the society, after which the practices were t follow. Joe initiated the discussion by giving a brief to everyone, regarding what the meeting was about, just as a warm up speech. When he opened the floor for discussion, Artem was the first one to take the lead in the discussion by talking about the general events that are included almost every year such as sprint, relay, 200m and 400m race for boys, Javelin throw, high jump, long jump and discus throw. Once the specifications of all these events were listed down by Joe, the discussion on the real matter that was to be debated began. Up till now Zarina and Aset had behaved more or less like passive li steners of the discussion, contributing just about as a formality here and there. Artem had been vocal throughout. He was more like helping Joe out with sorting out the specifications of all the games, just like someone genuinely interested in sports would do. Ainura was comparatively more participative than Zarina and Aset, she sat back in her seat and paid considerable attention to what was being discussed and also added a few valuable points such as raising the height of the bar for high jump compared to what it was last year and so forth. However, what followed was quite unexpected. Normally one would expect the discussion to continue with the same flow it started with. However, as soon as the topic about debatable games started Zarina’s and Aset’s body language changed completely. Rather than sitting in their chairs in the sloppy posture they had during the beginning of the discussion, they now sat erect, with their hands on the table as opposed to their laps. Art em was attentive as always and Ainura also maintained her general composure. The next topic under discussion was whether 200m and 400m races should be included for girls or not. Zarina advanced her point of view in what would strictly be referred to as an authoritative way and said that these games require a lot of stamina which is too much to expect from girls. This was countered by Ainura, who herself had been practicing running both 200m and 400m for the athletic meet, she was articulate and firm in making her point clear that if the girls practice enough stamina will not seem to be an issue. Zarina got agitated and cut her midway; her voice’s pitch was getting higher by the second. Artem and Aset intervened both with opposing viewpoints on the issue, however both were trying to reason the issue out as opposed to Zarina. Joe was convinced that Zarina’s interruptions and aggression along with the different interests of the group representatives would not lead the gro up to a consensus. Therefore he proposed that the matter be resolved with the help of a vote, which was indeed the right choice. Next in line was the debate on the inclusion of the Discus throw and Shot put, Artem was the one against the inclusion this time, he was sided by

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