Friday, August 9, 2019

U.S. vs. Japan Economies Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

U.S. vs. Japan Economies - Assignment Example Unemployment in Japan surpasses that of United States, meaning that Japan does not match U.S.A in employing labor resources in her labor market. The labor market is fundamental in triggering economic growth through employment opportunities (Katzner, 2008). In this respect, both Japan and the United States utilize their relative human resources differently. On the same note, the human resources in Japan are subject to government control, while in the United States these resources function based on demand and supply forces. Investment resources constitute another critical aspect that these two countries differ in their pursuit for economic growth. Major players in the U.S economy are private stakeholders. On the same note, both the public and private sectors coexist and complement each other in inducing economic growth (Katzner, 2008). In Japan, the government plays the primary role in mobilizing investment resources. Although the country has both private and public sectors, the private sector is relatively dominated by the public sector. In a nutshell, differences between the types of resources used by Japan and U.S.A to grow their economies are based on the source of mobilization and the positioning of human resources and the labor market in their relative

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