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Brand Image Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Brand Image Development - Essay Example Competitor Selection Coca-cola Company has been a successful company over the years and is the leading group in the beverage industry. It is known for the production of brands which include coke, Fanta, coke classic and Diet coke. It is a company that ensures that the demands of all consumers are met by their production of a wide variety of drinks. The company is devoted to offering secure and high quality beverages (The coca-cola company, 2012). They have gained the trust from customers because they provide honest and correct data especially on the nutritional information. This explains why it has a high-quality over all over the world. The products offered are of different sizes so that the consumer can choose from a variety. It recognizes the fact that the world is dynamic, and changes every day, therefore, they develop their products accordingly. The competitors have a low representation as Coca-Cola has the biggest percent, 70% of consumers as compared to Pepsi’s 20% and Schweppes’s, 10%. Analysis of Price The prices are reasonable and are developed depending on the market. They also vary depending on the size of the bottle and seasons. (The coca-cola company, 2012) Some seasons such as summer have the prices of the products elevated. Research shows that 13% of consumers buy products in relation to price. Analysis of Distribution Distribution is offered to middle men and retailers, and this way, the products are sold extensively. This incentive is taken to reduce the costs associated with individual distribution. They have one main distribution point whereby the middle men obtain the products. Coca-cola products are well distributed with only 3% who do not have some of the products available. Analysis of Promotion The coca-cola company promotes their products by conducting sales events, and develops competitions with prizes to be won. Promotions are aimed to persuade the customer and make them purchase the goods. Advertising is also a form of promotion in which Coca-cola is known for their catchy advertisements. This is done through newspapers, television, posters and billboards. They also offer scholarships to students and also sponsor events such as games (The ‘coca-cola’ brand & sponsorship, 2000). Coca-cola has been successful because of their uniqueness around the world. It maintains to be the most trusted beverage brand and is the most preferred brand in relation to the research. This shows that they promote their products in the right manner. Part 2 Brand Background Founded in 1886, coca-cola has continued to develop extensively throughout the world. (The Coca-Cola Company, 2012). Coca-Cola has kept on implementing brand strategies that involve renewing policies and systems to keep up with the changing world. Coca-cola believes in responsible marketing of their products. This is explained by the fact that they target different customers including children. The company, therefore, has a policy that co vers responsible marketing all over the world. Coca-Cola mainly targets the young people, and that is why most of advertising on media is done by young people. Coca-Cola has been the leading brand because the company keeps on reinventing their products.  

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