Thursday, August 8, 2019

Arguments Participation Paper 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Arguments Participation Paper 2 - Assignment Example (2) line numbers 60- 74 is an example of a testimony that speaks of the effect on individual Jews who suffered inhuman treatment during the Nazi holocaust; Charles Reznikoff, though a Russian, was born in the Jewish ghettos in New York. â€Å"Holocaust†, published in 1975, captures the poet’s interest in the Nazi holocaust and the yearning to present the realities naked to the world. A huge controversy surrounded the court room trials of the survivors of the Nazi Holocaust. During the Eichmann Trial, there was a controversy that Israel had political motives behind it. In this historical context, Charles worked as a typesetter for a labor Zionist publication, which showed interest in this controversy and the trials. The poem presents chosen testimonies in the courtroom, but devoid of the courtroom setting. Each testimony presents an exclusive image and speaks for itself. There is total objectivism in the narrative style as they are not in the first person but in the third person narrative voice. The tone is neutral as seen in the examples cited above. The poem speaks through the multiple testimonies and through the main ac tors and characters that are part of it. History unfolds for the readers to see the truth for themselves. The reader can arrive at conclusions on what he/she witnesses. There is an eerie silence that follows each testimony to avoid any interpretations or judgment; rather it helps evoke the picture of reality. Holocaust by itself is one of themes and the testimonies represent the events. The poem is devoid of any metaphor or rhetoric. This narrative style develops a close connection with the reader and bridges the gap between literature and common man. The narrative style is a testimony to the truth that historical facts should be listened to and not interpreted. As an Imagist poet, Charles has employed objective voice and has used the reality as an image that speaks for itself. This could be a document of history, but presents pictures within

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