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Undecided Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Undecided - Essay Example Evidently, strong linkages can be observed between four of the much idolized political documents where the idea of the previous show a certain degree of influence on the current political doctrines being followed. These four documents involve, Barack Obama’s Second Inaugural, Robert Kaplan’s â€Å"Was Democracy Just a Moment?†, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), and Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Third Inaugural, commonly referred as â€Å"The Four Freedoms†. THESIS STATEMENT In this thesis, similarities between the ideas presented in the above mentioned four political documents will be discussed. Similarities in this context will signify the influence of previously executed political ideas on the new thoughts developed, which in turn would imply the above stated notion that historic events, even in the doctrine of politics, tend to be interlinked through their unique ideologies. To be precise, the discussion henceforth will emphasize as sessing the ways one political event influenced the following political ideas and thus, contributed to national well-being in different eras and different situations. DISCUSSION The â€Å"Second Inaugural† of 44th US President Mr. Barack Obama took place in the year 2013. The political ideology expressed by the President in his Second Inaugural emphasized on his belief and the historic significance of democracy for America. He thus implies that as a President, possessing the power of the Constitution of the US, his main objective is to seek that the people of in America are bind together irrespective of color, religion and names as they have been for years. The thought here ignites a value of equality within the nation, which can be identified as based on the ideas developed over two centuries before stating that men are to be treated equally with equal rights, opportunities, liberty and happiness. Importance of these thoughts can be found exhibited throughout the political h istory of America (White House, â€Å"Inaugural Address by President Barack Obama†). For instance, dating back to 1941, when the 32nd US president, Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt pronounced the four most vital freedoms that every American must receive in the nation, viz., ‘freedom of speech’(signifying the linguistic and cultural equality of the nation, ‘freedom of worship’ (signifying the religious equality principle in the democracy), ‘freedom from want’ (implying the principle of the nation to make basic life supporting amenities available to every American) and ‘freedom from fear’ (indicating the right of people to safety). Notably, in the 1941 period, America was undergoing substantial political changes where democracy was taking a much stronger and prominent importance against the tyranny suffered by many of the American communities even in the midst of the early and mid 20th century. Thus, by propounding these political id eas, the then US President aim to ignite a feel of equality within the nation, eradicate communalism differences and eventually, give a new direction to the country’s development (AmericanRhetoric, â€Å"The Four Freedoms†). . The President of the US, Barack Obama has also mentioned that with the ideologies of equality and democratic power within the country vowed from centuries. However, with gradual changes

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