Saturday, July 27, 2019

RHETORIC AND LITERATURE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

RHETORIC AND LITERATURE - Essay Example Insufficient funds have assigned to the Negros. This was on the declaration of independence, where every American was to be a signatory. It was to include both the black and the whites. Most of the American society remained captives in their own land. This was time to check for the blacks in material prosperity. During the time, all men were to assured of rights to liberty, happiness, and life. Consequently, the blacks received insufficient funds for their bad check. Luther King lamented that it was not time for the state to claim that there were no funds and refused to believe. Instead, refused and cashed the check. This was to cash the riches of freedom and the justice security. He mentioned the promises of democracy where he stated the promises of goodwill and refuted the racial injustices. Martin Luther King talked about freedom and equality. He mentioned wrongful deeds by the Negros and stated the reason for cutting hatred and bitterness. Soul force was the way to go. This was to ensure all the Negroes and the rest share all the privileges without one being superior to another. Goodwill and brother-hood remains as the only way to forecast the

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