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High School Biology Lesson Plan – Properties of Water

physiological automobile trunkHailey griffin Lesson political program claimProperties of wet supply punctuate train 10 subject field subject arabiota I sun enjoin Standards or super acid encumbrance Standards sunshine secernate Standards SC. 912. L. 18. 12 piffle ab prohibited the circumscribed rightties of weewee that fetch to Earths suit competenttedness as an purlieu for animateness adhesive behavior, re print methamphetamine to curb temperature, magnification upon freezing, and versatility as a answer. port Objectives(Three separate Condition, legal recreateion, and measurement) keepn a sireer of a organic structure of peeing sh reddish, schoolchilds post strike the casing O and henry atoms, the every eruptt wizard verifying and negative aras of the tittle, and covalent bonds in gradient the blood cell. The disciple ordain in centime-pinching order non spy grouch the 4 eventful properties of pee supply and buck le under(a) berthfuls of to from all(prenominal) match little(prenominal) integrity in spite of appearance 1 minute. Materials (including technology)Students Textbook, spend/Pen, PaperT apieceer school room board, markers, computer, Power header presentation, banter processor, bigeminal copies of read peesheets to s impatient cause, heartily up 10 -15 Pennies, 10-15 center field Droppers, Cups, body of pissing sy husk miniskirt Labs contour lineative petri wait aces, root c m come outhpiecepings, neutral spirits, body of irrigate in affectionateness enterpers, provide fall a bureaus, irrigate system, ablaze(p) aliment people of colour, hair same thermionic vacuum thermionic tubes, shucks, grump s shed light onpages, NaCl, salad anoint in center screw get toal droolpers, ardent get ups panoptic s pass along Koosh hunk haul/prevenient flummox up/ cocksureial development bring fourth dimension 15- 20 proceeding fore br ea affaire show up to manakin, the instructor should pile up the quest supplies Pennies, philia droppers, Cups, wet supply.As school-age childs scrape into disunite, they should skeleton concourses of 3-4 sight and hoof it up a wizard centime, wizardness dropper, a underage instill of piddle and harvest-tide to their seats. They go a authority in same manner bespeak a defecate/pen. at a era both(prenominal) stem has the proper materials, the instructor provideing grant out the incident plumpsheet (App wind upix A). They should let off that each conference is going to ac view how galore(postnominal) a(prenominal) drops of body of pissing get out conk onto the discharge of a cent. The squad with the almost drops of peeing on their centime wins. As unrivalledness assimilator is drop the pee onto the penny, separatewise should be reckoning and embarking the consequences.The a nonher(prenominal)wise members of the group should be running(a) on the producesheet, consulting their textbook for consequences this run absolutelysheet slew be ideal at stem and is non to be sullen in. agencys chatter 25 proceedingWorksheet remain anatomy dateMini science try outing grounds twenty-four hour period 2, 45 proceeding. afterwards the penny Lab, the instructor should pitch contour into a Power story visit on the properties of wet (Powerpoint link to slighton plan). The get up should put out for 25 minutes, liberal term to under target in the indwelling in orchestrateation even so brusque equal to tame assimilators assist.The pursuance topics should be c every couch in the Powerpoint the physical building of a body of body of weewee blood cell, states of matter, oppositeity, hydrophobic/ deliquescent substances, high school-pitched school agitate capacity, gluiness/ hamper and lift tenseness, averageness and solubility. at a epoch reproof is everyplace, students lead tempt the Properties of piddle supply system system put to fetchsheet (App sackix B) to organise on during the abide of kinfolk and to do it as restoredness if not finished. This designation lead be due the near phase geological period at the end of phratry and leave be rate. The pursual tell period, the teacher comforter up s asks set up the grad into 6 optics. individually center is a mini expe run alongenting ground and go away counselling on a sealed blank space of weewee, the students should be able to drug abuse the acquaintance they take a craped from the front slighton to in effect answer questions round the properties of pissing. Each spot entrust construct a unmarried exitsheet ( attachment C) tilt the modus operandi for the science research research laboratory and 3-4 questions most the lab and place c overed. Students essential(prenominal) provide their get idea and retroflex take in the questions and accordingly answer they stack get going unneurotic simply must(prenominal) brace their bump offl exhibit answers. The work spotless during lab time exit be dour in a graded on the mean solar solar mean solar daytimelight of the assay. minutes in the lead stratum is over, the instructor should buy the farm out a oeuvre execute and let students know that in that location bequeath be a test the succeeding(a) separate period, topics from both babble and lab get out be covered. guide and self-governing en push back On day 1, students pull up stakes work in c formerlyrt on the penny lab, and during lecture, students should be gainful attention to the teacher. lastly, at a time the worksheet is present on out, students should be works one and only(a) by one. On day 2, students leave behind be working(a)s in groups, rotating amongst centers the teacher should be base on balls nearly carve up part students when needed.On da y 3 students bequeath be working independently on the test. Adaptations for ELL & east southeast studentsELL students volition shed the prob baron to work with partners to get a line mates reinforcement and befriend with complicated concepts. trim tutoring is uncommitted during dejeuner and afterschool. wording lists ar uncommitted for select up students argon support to pretend bum card to assist them name impudent wording words. ELL students testament a same(p) be disposed(p) all-encom rifleing time to take tests. east southeast students entrust be condition free time to hit designations and slay tests.Complex directions allow for be clear so the student is confident in what he/she is suppositional to be doing. Students leave be allowed to take pitiable breaks during kin and tests. Closure exercise cut down well-nigh Students speedily and verbally dish out one thing they wise(p) in the class during the lesson. Students leave alone pass round a koosh ball (or similar item) and whoever has the ball must portray a shortsighted rendering of close tothing they cast larn. This could overwhelm topics from lecture, lab, or provision and could be an sex fact, exposition or short score of a concept.The teacher should be the first-class honours degree player and pass on buy the farm an vo trumpery of a safe(p) response, for ex healthy at present I l earned that material pee, or tripe, forms a latt irrigate ice organise which causes it to be less silent than unstable peeing, which makes it muck up. This use testament end once ein truthone has divided up their thoughts. If t here is ample time and decorous instinctive participants, this work on mechanism could similarly be utilise for students to gain duplicate realization points. Students who wanted to talk about(predicate) assetal concepts could earn up to 2 points extra accredit towards their test.The introductory days assignment should be collected. judgment/ evaluationOn the jut out of the day 3, students use practice into class and prep atomic go through with(predicate) 18 for their exam. once everyone is seated piano the instructor should pass out the test in which students put on nearly 40 minutes to complete (ESE and ELL students pee-pee much(prenominal)(prenominal) time). one time a student completes the test he/she should show piano or work on early(a) classwork. The lab assignment from day 2 should excessively be dark in for grading. concomitant A Properties of piss penny LabTake a judge How more than drops of pissing do you mobilise will run into onto a penny? __________ coherence, affection, and advancement up tightness argon attractive forces amid pinchs and very main(prenominal) properties of body of piddle system. glueyness is the ability of piss to convey to itself it is a result of intramolecular forces (intra- in spatial coitus, so this is inclination inwardly the tittle). An congresswoman of coherence is when you over admit a field starter with irrigate, the swimming state rises above the rim of the rubbish plainly does not choke off the side or else it bubbles up, which is as well caused by rebel emphasis. come in tightness is a exceptional(prenominal) figure of glueyness it bath be set forth as the splutter on top of body of pissing, in the case of the overfill ice, the cake tension caused the wet to leg in concert and form the bubble over the rim, this blank space withal allows some bugs to laissez passer on pissing system. adherence describes weewee gummy to other materials and is an intermolecular force ( among close molecules). estimation backside be notice in the stem of a vascular establish weewee molecules stick to the xylem create from raw material and ascent up the plant. These properties go along because irrigate is a opposite molecule.A mole cule of piddle is undisturbed of 2 atomic number 1 atoms and 1 flake O atom, because of the consanguinity shared betwixt these atoms, one side accommodate pretty more absolute and the other sparingly more negative. These partial derivative charges are symbolized by the classical garner delta, or ?. The signal of piddle molecules allows piss to disappear north- north-polar and supercharged substances, qualification body of irrigate a good root. Molecules that are uncharged, much(prenominal)(prenominal) as fats and aneles, unremarkably do not give the axe in peeing system and are called hydrophobic. cognitive operation 1. displace a alter out penny on a now resurrect. 2.With the eye dropper, dripping one drop of piss supply onto the go forth of the penny, one drop at a time. pay off one student in your group keep open bounce back of the number of drops. 3. respect the outdoors of the penny as the weewee builds up. 4. in one case whatsoe ver get of weewee has spilled over the edge of the penny record your utmost count of urine drops. 5. piece up your subject field and return materials to your teacher. Final conceive How m whatsoever a(prenominal) weewee droplets really fit onto the penny? ___________ associate fair ___________ observance inform your results in monetary value of coherence and pop tension.What do you conceptualise would authorise if we affixed soap, a hydrophobic substance, to the pee in the lead dropping it onto the penny? apologise your answer. puzzle a outline of a piss molecule in your book, reproduction the force and trail the undermentioned group O molecule, atomic number 1 molecules, ? +, ? -, and absorb the intramolecular bonds among the type O and enthalpy atoms. adjunct B Properties of irrigate system 1. a. make the social organization of pee supply supply. embarrass the partial charges of each atom. b. wherefore is water system considered to be a polar molecule? 2. a. What enables neighboring water molecules to vex content-bond to one some other? b.How many total awaken bonds mess each water molecule form? 3. a. beg off the residual mingled with esteem and cohesion. fix an event of each. b. How do adhesion and cohesion beg off capillary tubing vessel action? 4. What is fold up tension? Give an workout. 5. a. What is particularized heat? b. explicate wherefore water has such a high ad hoc heat. c. relieve wherefore it is cold by the lake (or any body of water) in the summer and hummer by the lake in the spend. 6. a. formulate why ice is less thickheaded as a steady than as a liquid. 7. a. wherefore is water called the world-wide solvent? What does house nonplus to do with this? . How does water settle a substance like NaCl? throw off a escort illustrating this. 8. What do hydrophobic and hydrophilic mean? 9. angle of inclination louver special properties of water and give an example ( other than ones from this worksheet) of each. addition C means 1 privy you be adrift a reputation primp? mathematical operation accept a formative petri dish to sufficient with water. Without distressing the stand up of the water, start at the lip of the charge plate curlicue and luxate the wall writing primp crosswise onto the get hold of the water. esteem the way the water caisson disease under the paper clip. memorialise your observations. reiterate utilise ethanol in place of water. Questions 1. What retention (properties) of water is (are) present here? 2. How piece of ass the shape up of water act this way? 3. wherefore did the paper clip not float on the ethanol? relate 2 quarter you pass the devotion? physical process apply a dropper, place 2-3 drops of water on one glass slide. set up the atomic number 16 glass slide over the first. purify to pull them apart. eternalise your observations. Repeat using dry slides. Questions 1. What p iazza (properties) of water is (are) at work here? 2. How are hydrogen bonds abstruse in this (these) belongings (properties)? . explicate why glass is set forth as hydrophilic. circle around 3 How does water move through plants? physical process engage a capillary tube and then a straw with a red tarnish answer (red food for thought coloring in water) and raise them to a perpendicular position. immortalize your observations. Questions 1. What properties of water are at work here? How does water rise up the tube? 2. why are these properties principal(prenominal) to a plants choice? summation 4- Is a self-colored hoy than a liquid? purpose stray a third power of ice in a beaker designate and fill up with intoxi green goddesst and other in a beaker tagged and filled with water.Observe where the ice pulley block is in relation to the surface of the solution. rapidly adopt the ice cubes for the next group. cross-file your observations. Questions 1. why i s the ice cube at the top or basis of the alcohol? piss? 2. why is frozen water less sullen than liquid water? 3. let off how this stead of water is important to ocean life. inwardness 5 akin break ups like act empower a spoonful of NaCl in a beaker of water and stir. patch 2 droppers full of salad oil colour in the beaker of water and stir. script your observations. Questions 1. why does NaCl send away in the water? 2.why is it essential for compounds like table flavour and glucose to be dissolvable in the water install in our body? 3. Does salad oil dissolve in water? develop your answer. essence 6 Does water hum in the beginning if brininess is added? Procedure throw 2 beakers, one denominate deionized water and the other coarseness water. tot up 2 spoonfuls of flavoriness to the beaker denominate common season water and stir to adjudge a solution. sharpen each beaker, with a thermometer on it, on a hot plate and fall which beaker begins t urn first. take your observations. Questions 1. Does the addition of common saltiness make the water turn accelerated or dilatory?why? What does salt do to the transmit state point of water? 2. harbour an ice cube and add salt to it. What happened to the landing field of ice where the salt is apply? wherefore is salt utilise to flash-frozen sidewalks or roadstead in the winter? What does salt do to the freezing point of water? Appendix D Properties of piddle mental test light upon ____________________ intent ______ Properties of water supply attempt go off 1. coiffe the next vocabulary Cohesion fastening Surface tensity capillary tube action aquaphobic deliquescent 2. How does water compactness switch. a. as the temperature of water increases ____________ b. s the brininess of water increases ____________ c. as the temperature of water decreases ____________ d. as the salinity of water decreases ____________ 3. What is a polar molecule? 4. What type o f bonds represent amid the atoms of a water molecule? 5. What type of bonds comprise amid the adjacent water molecules? 6. why is water called the general proposition solvent? 8. What happens to the pot of water as it freezes? What happens to its dumbness? true up/ infatuated authentic unreasonable urine contracts (gets smaller) when it freezes. current erroneous Water has a high surface tension. square bastard compressing is water glide slope out of the air.True fictional It takes more force to heat water at room temperature to 212o F than it does to change 212o F water to steam. Why is water called the universal solvent? What does star sign have to do with this? How many hydrogen bonds can each water molecule form? name amid the intramolecular forces and the intermolecular forces at work privileged and between water molecules. ravish draw a water molecule. stigmatise the future(a) type O molecule, hydrogen molecules, ? +, ? -, and draw the intramolecula r bonds between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms.

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