Friday, November 1, 2019

Uprising of Syria Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Uprising of Syria - Research Paper Example The questions, which arise from the crisis in Syria, are the nature of the Syrian conflicts, the relationship between a civil war and a revolution and whether the crisis in Syria overshadows a revolution (hill). Nature of conflicts in Syria The crisis in Syria cannot be classified as purely sectarian as the international and the local media try to classify it. This classification of the Syrian conflicts as sectarian is as a result of the failure of the media personalities to understand Syrians or generally Arabs in other terms, which do not identify them as sectarian. A sectarian conflict can only be described as one that lies outside a country's history and does not depend on any social and economic factors. Sectarian conflicts are often referred to as religious conflicts and are static. The Syrian situation is similar to the case of Spanish civil war, Yemen civil war and the revolution that occurred in Libya. The main cause of the Syrian civil war is as a result of the uprising of the Syrian citizens against a class of individuals whose main goal is to enslave others. According to McMahon in his article on crisis in Syria, he describes the cause of the continued crisis is mainly as a result of disunity among different religious and ethnic group. This makes it more difficult to find a concrete solution to these crises (Macmahon). US president is quoted in solidarity magazine saying, â€Å"The crisis in Syria should be solved through a meditation led by international community†. This implies that international communities like the United Nations should initiate the process of mediation in order to find long term solutions to the...Moghadam in her article on Syria crisis and prospects quotes the UN secretary general saying, â€Å"We need to come up with an immediate solution to these uprisings†. On this has seen some of the nations like the United States of America and Britain argue that it is crucial to intervene in the crisis in Syria, while othe r nations like Russia and France arguing otherwise (Moghadam). The Syrian uprising has attracted attention from every nation across the world given the fact that Syria was once considered as the most peaceful and stable Arab country in the world. Different leaders across the world have varying opinions on the crisis in Syria. Some view it as a civil war while others view it as a revolution which involves political forces. The Syrian crisis should so far be classified as civil war since the government is fighting against a well organized rebel gang â€Å"Sunnis† which was possibly established during the initial uprisings. Most revolutions bare some aspects of civil war; however some aspects of civil war cannot be overlooked during a civil war as in the case of the Syrian revolution which has turned out to be a civil war. In conclusion, the crises in Syria originate mainly from the internal factors and forces. The major internal cause of the crisis is the government of Syria, which triggered the initial demonstration through infringing the rights of its citizen.

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