Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Cyberlaw Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Cyberlaw Research - Essay Example From the essay's analysis, it may be seen that new legislation does indeed impact upon individual liberties. In cases such as that of Jose Padilla discussed in the essay, the actions of the Government have been dismissed by the Courts as violative of constitutional rights to freedom. Terrorists now have access to Cyber weapons such as TEDs, RF munitions, TEMPEST monitoring devices and electromagnetic bombs in addition to the uploading of malicious viruses. By hacking into the access codes for control of weapons and missile systems of the United States of America, or locations such as the World Trade Center, terrorists can create havoc – long distance and unidentified. The purpose of a terrorist attack is to generate fear in the mind of the victim. Serious cyber attacks can be conceived and planned without detectable logistic preparation. They can be invisibly reconnoitered, clandestinely rehearsed, and then mounted in a matter of minutes or even seconds without revealing the i dentity and location of the attacker. Through manipulation of cyberspace architecture and increased surveillance in the US today, online activity is being regulated today. The restrictive immigration laws have ensured that the likelihood of a large scale attack is defused. But this cannot be equated to a victory for terrorists. The researcher states that there must be more emphasis on preserving individual liberties but it is not of a magnitude that justifies the conclusion that the terrorists have won the war.

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